Going Round in Circles

“Today,” my tutor, Miss Hope announced, “You shall be having art, music and dance all day.” I breathed a sigh of relief: last time it was P.E. Plus, I’d get to spend the day with my friends. As I pushed my way through the corridor (D Block when the bell goes is murder) I spotted my friends and made my way towards them. We walked together in silence to Art block, for our first lesson.

Ok, so I’m sitting in an art classroom, carving the word HURT into a bar of soap with a needle. Apparently, todays Focus Friday is all about emotions. I spotted Reyna on another table, looking sad. It wasn’t long until the bell went, signalling for break to begin. The next lesson: Music. This should be interesting.

After break, we made our way to our next class, where we discussed how to portray emotions through music. My group went and did a dance lesson first. “Get into groups,” our teacher instructed, "And begin to choreograph your dance.”

“Della, I’m going to go with Clarisse, Saffi and Gale.” Reyna told me.

“Ok then” I told her, and formed a group with my friends: Sylvia, Carlotta and Aisha. We made up some random arm and leg movements, joined them together and told our teacher we had sorted out our dance. Yet, the whole time, Reyna looked sad and distant in her group. I made a mental note to talk to her after class. Ten minutes later, and we were performing our dance to the class. Reyna wasn’t really paying attention through hers, and looked like she was about to cry. Then, we went to music.

“Get into groups!” Came the familiar order. My dance group and I decided to stay together, but a few moments later, I saw Reyna move seats and start to cry. Her friend followed her out the classroom, where Miss had told her to go and calm down, and I watched from my seat, utterly helpless. The rest of the lesson went by in a blur, as I waited for my chance to speak to Reyna. When the bell went, I walked over to her. “What was the matter?” I asked her.


The End

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