The Broken Lift of Friendship

“What are you going to do, Reyna?” I asked, as we walked through the park. There was a long pause, until she said,

“I’m not sure, Della. I’m really not sure.” For the past few months, things hadn’t been going too well for Reyna and her best friend Clarisse. She had been neglecting Reyna a lot, and running off with her new friends, Gale and Saffi. Reyna had been left behind, and Clarisse wasn’t even talking to her anymore. And this wasn’t the first time, either. Before, Clarisse would’ve begged for forgiveness, and then five minutes later, she would slip into her old ways. Last time, Reyna had given her one final chance, and now it seemed, she was blowing it. 

“It’ll all work out for the best, won’t it?” I said, trying to sound optimistic. She shrugged and sighed, muttering something about a broken promise. She was referring to the vow Clarisse made when they became best friends. Back in Primary, Reyna’s best friend treated her badly and left her behind. Clarisse promised that would never happen again. Just when things started to pick up again, they would hit a bump, and everything would go pear-shaped, leaving them stuck in a bad situation. 

“Think of it as a broken lift,” I said to her, “Sometimes the only way out of it is to call for help.” She nodded and smiled weakly, as we continued on our way home. 

The End

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