Revolving Doors and Broken Lifts

Starting a new school, at the start of a new term, surrounded by new faces, is never easy. Year 7 - just another chapter in your life’s long tale. The buzz of anxious children fills the air as you try to make your way through the crowed multitude of people. They say you don’t discover who your real friends are until you get to Secondary. They’re right, you know. New friends are made, along with new promises. Promises that their friendship will never end, no matter what. A promise is a funny thing - easy to break; hard to keep. That’s why you mustn’t make any that you can’t keep. The results of a broken promise can leave you wounded, lying helplessly on a battlefield of lies and disappointment. One girl makes a promise to her new best friend: that she will never, never, never put her through what her Primary friends did. The girl - full of hurt and regret - is relieved to hear this promise, but as I’ve already said, promises are hard to keep...

The End

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