Revolutonary Love

Paris, France- 1789
The Bouviers household is burnt to the ground and twleve year old Rosalie has to run fromthe mob with her family. After being rescued by Will, an English servant, they become friends. Five years later, Rosalies father has signed a marriage contract for her, giving her a choice, make her father happy or running to England with Will. But her horrible fiance is getting ever closer, his spies gaining on them. Can they escape and life they have only dreamt of? (P.S. This story is

Sunlight lit up the abandoned courtyard, showing all the figures who dared look out from their hiding places. Inside the large house, Rosalie hugged her younger sister, Henrietta closer, in an attempt to keep her from screaming. The room was unlit and they coward under their fathers writing desk, listening for any sign to tell them they could come out. Footsteps came from the hallway outside, pausing outside the wooden door before entering the dark study room, the black boots that Rosalie watched cross the room stood by the large window, their owner was tall and fairly handsome, with brown, cropped hair that had been cut shorter than most mens. His clothes were faded and were worn at the elbows which had been repatched with non-matching peices of fabric. To Rosalie, he was the most mysterious boy she had ever seen, his eyes were aglow with mystery and she wondered what exciting tales he had to tell. Although she didn't know him, she knew he was a friend, when she thought that, he turned and saw them huddled under the desk and after a moment of surprise, he offered a hand to help Rosalie and Henrietta to their feet. "Hullo, your mother is waiting in a carriage outside to drive you away from... well you had better know the truth. There is a mob outside, they are already begining to tear down the servants doors and if they find you, they might kill you. The carriage is out back with your mother and father inside. We need to get you there so you can leave, you will have to go into hiding for a while. By the way, I forgot to tell you, my name is William Fitzpatrick." Rosalie blushed slightly and he took her hand in his and with her free hand she held Henriettas', the young girl was close to tears at hearing of her home being destroyed and the mob downstairs. Quickly they ran through the winding corridors, avoiding revolters from the mob who were ransacking the dining hall one floor below them. Will's face grew desperate as they ducked and weaved around various passageways and calling to servants who were running wildly trying to find a safe route out. After what felt like an age to the girls they reached the carriage waiting in the shadows of the back garden, the windows were blacked out by curtains, the wheels muddy from the rough dirt track that ran out the back, the horses snorting with their nostrils flared. Soon everyone was in and the carriage pulled away before the door was closed. Rosalie was tired and her face flushed while Henrietta's eyes were wide with fear, tears dribbled silently down her extremely pale cheeks. Their mother, Louisa dried the tears with her slightly grubby hankerchief before taking her own hair out of it's fancy bun. Will was sat silently in a corner of the carriage, he had now calmed and was becoming slightly submissive towards the family, his hair was wind swept and stuck up in places. No one spoke for a long time untill Louisa finally said, "Thankyou so much Citoyen William, you have saved us all today, how on earth can we repay you?"
"Please don't worry about thanking me Madame Bouvier, anyone of your other workers would have helped them if they were there. Having a job is thanks enough in these times."
"But Monsieur," Rosalie piped in, "You were brave, you could have been killed if you were caught helping us. Thankyou. You deserve more than a job, you should be properly rewarded." Her fathers glare form the other side of the carriage was the thing that stopped her talking, it made her shrink back into her seat untill the carriage finally stopped. Henrietta rubbed her bleary eyes as she stepped outside onto the shabby street, sunlight streamed through holes in a cover jutting out from a house, naked children played in the empty streets. Rosalie was apalled at how the children played like that, even the little girls were fighting with the boys, rolling around on the cobbles and hay. Will showed them to a run down house which was big but turned out to be split into musty apartments for lots of people to cram into. The doorman was sleeping and Will rang the bell to wake him up. He jumped to attention and showed them to their apartment in the middle of the building on the second floor. It smelt damp and musty, the wash room smelled like urine and alcohol, a dark patch on the wall stood out on the white paint. "Monsieur Bouvier, this Will only be temporary but keep out of peoples way, they don't take kindly to Aristocrats and won't hesitate to rat you out to the guard for quick money. My father or I Will be intouch soon when we have arranged the tickets for travel to England." Will turned to leave shortly after they had gotten as comfy as possible, only to be stopped by Rosalie in the hallway. "Will you be back soon Monsieur?"
"Please call me Citoyen or Will, we're all in the same boat now, and yes, Rosalie, I'll be back in a few days to see you."  A moment later he was gone and jogging down the stairs. Heart pounding in her ribs, Rosalie drifted back into the apartment and sat on the thin mattress she and Henrietta had to share. Her mind began to drift as she thought of how everything she knew had disppeared in a few mere hours, how everything was changing and her life had been thrown into danger. Soon her mind had wondred back to Will, and she blushed as she thought of his deep brown eyes and english accent. Drifting into a peaceful sleep, Rosalie relaxed and for those precious moments the revolution seemed unreal, as if it wasn't affecting her and she was safe. One by one, the oil lamps were blown out and the apartment sunk into the dark night.
Carriage wheels rattled as they were pulled along the cobbled street in the rising sunlight, horses trotting in a rush to get through this area of french poverty. The houses seemed more inviting in clear sunlight, the children were calm and relaxed as they strolled arm in arm around the small vegtable patches, women hummed to themselves as they went about their daily chores. Henrietta was playing in the street with a young girl called Georgina who lived on the floor below them. It had been a week since Rosalie last met with Will and she never stopped thinking about him through out the day, distracting her from her chores and helping her mother with the cooking. Days had passed since any of them had last bathed, water was considered a luxury and her hair had become matted, dresses torn and splattered with mud and sometimes straw was stuck up the sleeves when she had been out playing withe Henrietta. Boredom filled most of the days now, as all their toys and books had been left at the house which had been burned to the ground, anything valuable stolen. Rosalie had almost cried when she heard the news, life looked bleak and dull as she sank into the routine of those in poverty. Later that day after a small dinner, there came a knock at the door and in strode Will. His clothes smelled like a farmyard, his hair was brushed back into it's usual ponytail and his eyes were as mysterious as before. His dazzling smile lit up the shabby room for Rosalie, illuminatig her tanned skin and making her black hair shine in her imagination. Will bowed to the Bouviers and when he rose Monsieur Bouvier grabbed his hand and shook it in thanks, ducking into a deep bow. Henrietta and Rosalie hung back, unsure what to do untill everyone began sitting on the cold chairs, which were hard and wooden and uncomfterble to sit in. The adults talked for a long time and the two girls started dozing off slowly untill Louisa turned to them. "Rosalie, Henrietta, go and get ready for bed please." Glad, Henrietta almost ran to her bedroom after kissing both her parents goodnight and bidding Au revoir to Will. Rosalie followed, slightly confused as to why she was sent to bed, it was still half an hour untill her usual bedtime and sometimes mother let her stay up later if father was in a good mood. Deciding against protesting in front of Will, she followed after Henrietta. "What do you think they're talking about? I bet it's about the house being burnt down." Henrietta asked out of the darkness.
"Why would they talk about that? I reckon it's about whether we leave the country or not. Mother won't, she doesn't want to leave Aunt Eugenie, but Father never liked Aunt Eugenie anyway, that's another reason he wants to go to England, he believes England is the best place for now."
When Henrietta didn't reply, Rosalie assumed she was already asleep, but she stayed up and listened to the hushed voices of the adults outside, as they discussed the girls future in France.

5 Years Later...

Footsteps sounded loud above Rosalies head, making her ears in ring in the cramped space of her bedroom, her eyes wouldn't focus on her sewing as she patched up her favourite dress. The dim light made it even harder to see what she was doing, but it was good past time while she waited for Father to arrive home from work, his job made him unhappy, Francis Bouvier was now working as a Gardener in an Aristocrats house, who was a strict and ruthless man. Straining her ears to listen, Rosalie could hear fourteen year old Henrietta playing the piano downstairs, she was becoming better and had been playing for two years now. A smile spread across Rosalies face as she remembered her little sister growing up, her sister had always been creative like Rosalie herself, but now was becoming an independant young woman. Henrietta believed in the Revolutions motives, but not the bloodshed that had followed the great ideas, she believed in equality to all, giving better rights to their children and the generations that Will follow. There was a sudden knock at the door and Rosalie realised her Father must be home, the door opened to reveal her father himself, and not Rosalies governess, Melissa Smith. Rising to her feet, Rosalie gave a warm smile to her Father who looked hot and bothered as he normally did now. Gesturing for her to sit down, Francis also sat on her bed as he began to speak. "My dearest Rosalie, don't think wrong of me when I tell you this, but believe me it was not an easy descision to make.." Rosalie already knew what was coming, it had been the reason for her lack of sleep, and she had known from her father recent actions, not speaking to anyone much, hardly touching his food and sitting in his room for long hours, that it would be coming soon. "...but you are a young woman now. You understand it has been hard for your mother and I to afford you and Henrietta's education and to pay Madamoiselle Smith on time. We have no other option but for you to be married, and soon at that. If I cannot ensure mine or your mothers future, I atleast want you and your sister well looked after. There have been offers for a few years now and today I signed a marriage contract... with my employer, Monsieur Julien Montegaul. He is a rich man, and has promised you safe passage to England with him. Since Citoyen Capet was killed, France is no longer a safe place for aristocrats, even us who were once."
"But Father, what about you and Mother and Henrietta? She surely can't be married yet, she is a fourteen year old girl!"
"Your sister...I have also signed a contract with a rich man, he is a good man and Will look after her, but don't worry, there Will be no marriage untill she is atleast sixteen. But your mother is talking with Henrietta about this very subject now."
"But what of me, Father. When Will I be married? I haven't even met Monsieur Montegaul before, he is nothing but a name to me!"
"You are to meet him tommorrow, chaperoned of course by Madamoiselle Smith, I want you on your best behaviour, please. Rosalie, remember this; we love you and did not want to do this without you having a choice, but it's for your own safety. Goodnight darling."
"But Father-"
"Please Rosalie, we love you. Now try and get some sleep before tommorrow." With dawdling, Francis walked out of the small bedroom leaving his daughter stunned and irriatated behind him as she sat in silence for half an hour. Downstairs, her parents were discussing angrily the situation they had been left with. "But he is a horrible man, Francis! You said so yourself just yesterday, Monsieur Montegual is cruel man who enslaves his workers! Surely you would not want your daughter stuck in an unhappy marriage, whether it helps her or not for the future. You are too proud to find a decent man who could help her get safe passage to England as well as give her a happy marriage. What about Monsieur Fitzpatrick, a few years ago he offered the same thing that Monsieur Montegaul has now, he still holds up on his offer and Will not rush her into marriage if she is not happy. His family are middle class in England, his father runs a respectable buisness he hopes to follow in. You don't even let her have a say in who she marries!-"
"She can have lovers when old enough, most young women do in the modern age, Darling. Our Rosalie is old enough to look after herself now, she should learn to make the most of her life, she is an accomplished young woman who needs to learn to be a good wife, no matter how hard, she Will get through it." Louisa's anger began to feed and grow on itself as she began complitally furious at her stubborn husband, untill it slowly wore down until it was just a small glow inside her. She stormed out of the room and went to Rosalie's, hoping she would still be awake so she could tell her the plan she had saved for such predicaments. Knocking softly on the door, Louisa could hear Rosalie rise to answer the door, but she entered without waiting for invitation and sat down on the hard bed, beckoning for Rosalie to join her. The girl's face was such a mix of confusion, sleep and slight happiness to see her mother, looking ready and prepared for the worst. "Rosalie, oh my darling, I Will help you out of this horrible future with this man. You know how he treats your father, you have seen it on his face everytime he comes back from working on that mans gardens. Listen and listen carefully," Louisa's face softened as she looked deep into the frightened childs eyes, warm and inviting like the ocean, yes, her daughter was truly beautiful and this cruel man does not deserve her, " Monsieur Will has offered you safe passage to England and a home with his family, the future, does not matter, marriage Will come or it won't, what matters is that you're safe and away from Paris. He loves her, I can see it in his eyes everytime he visits and he has been risking his life for us for the past five years! He Will care for our daughter, they both deserve that. His family run a respectable buisness and it Will be safe. Monsieur Montegaul Will not be able to get to you in England and you can live your life. Planning the journey Will be hard and may take a couple months."
"Oh Mama! Thankyou! Thankyou so much! But what about Henrietta and you and Father? How can I leave without you?"
"Henrietta Will meet you in England once she arrives, I Will send you letters when I can and when the Revolution has finished and France is once again safe, I Will tell you if it's safe to come back." Rosalie felt like she could faint at the news of not marrying Julien, her short lived worries were slowly fading and she could look forward to a better future. Bidding her daughter goodnight, she ran into Henrietta who was stood outside the door. "Henrietta Bouvier! How many times have I told you not eavesdrop on other people's conversations!" But her anger faded as they exchanged knowing smiles. "Not a word to your Father, understood?"
"Yes, Mama." They both went their opposite ways down the corridor and into their rooms.on brushed against Rosalies tanned skin and her hair shimmered in the morning sunlight as her and Melissa walked briskly down the busy street to their waiting carriage. Every part of her body was clean and her radiance was inside her and out as her happiness lit up the depressing crowds in the street. Clothes were blowing slightly in the cool breeze off balcony railings outside the run down houses, the colours brightening up the bleak grey paint spread across the brick walls. Everywhere were the colours of the revolution, red, blue and white hanging everywhere, Rosalie had the colours in her hat, in the middle of the ribbons was a flowers she had been given by a man on a market stall which Rosalie paid for genorously as a tip. Her teeth were a brilliant white, her lips were red like ripe cherries on fair skin with her dark blue eyes like deep ocean waters on a bright sunny day. Her dress was white and made with thin material to keep her cool on the summer days, everything seemed so colourful after her dreary night that was slowly creeping back to her as she neared the carriage which was now in view. It was a black carriage that smelt like stables with seats made of leather, but were torn in large strips like someone had cut at them in a rage. The sight sent a shiver down the womens spines as they climbed inside and told the driver were they wanted to go, it was cold as the carriage picked up speed and a heavy wind came in the open window. It was jammed in place and the inside of the carriage was like a crimescene to Rosalie. As they journeyed on, the same worrying thoughts came into the young girls mind, "What if Mama's plan doesn't work, if we can't leave in time? What if Will doesn't really want me with him in England? What if we get found out as aristicrats in hiding, if Paris becomes even more dangerous? If only I knew all the answers!" A large house soon was in view from the country lanes, the house was in the middle of nowhere, but it was still a surprise for Rosalie that an Aristocrat had lived here so long undetected by any outsiders. The carriage pulled up infront of a large oak fronk door which was almost thrown open by a tall, slim man with a thin black moustache stretched under his nose. His clothes were very fancy and would have stood out in the crowds of Paris, his hair was combed back in a very modern fashion and pulled into a ponytail. Everything about the man seemed too much; too skinny, to clean and most of all, too rich for Rosalies liking. He seemed to love showing off that he had pockets stuffed with money. She knew all this about him in the first thirty seconds that she saw him. Yes, this was definatlly Julien Montegaul, a famous aristocrat throughout Paris for his help in revolutionary movements. The thought of his hand in the bloodshed that had occured in the last five years sickened Rosalie, all the people guillotined because he gave away their hiding places, his friends had been arrested because of him. Heart hammering against her ribs, Rosalie smiled as the door was pulled open by the footman and Julien had come up to the carriage doors. "Ah, Madamoiselle Bouvier, what a pleasure," He kissed her hand, his moustache tickling the skin, " to meet you at long last. Your father has told me many things about you."
"Has he now? You would not believe how hard he works on your lovely and spacious grounds, the house looks absolutelly stunning Monsieur Montegaul!"
"Please, call me Julien, Rosalie, now, may we go to the Patio for tea?" Melissa stood motionless through the whole conversation an followed them to the Patio, wooden flooring decorated with exotic plants and trees. The seemingly charming conversation dragged on for along time in Rosalies opinion, and the man sat opposite her only talked about himself, his money and how he 'made it out of dirt.' She didn't need to put any input into the conversation other than an occasional yes and a nod here or there, the day was dull, dinner bland. The mansion was extravgantly decorated, with an Grand Piano in five of the rooms, famous paintings hung on the walls of the Drawing room as well as a large self portrait of Monsieur Julien that was hung above the brick fireplace that was giving the room an oragne glow like a sunset. By the end of the day, Rosalie was sick of the man's voice which was currently echoing from the other side of the room, by a large window that had a breath taking view of the bustling city of Paris. "Beautiful isn't it Rosalie. The whole capital of France, a once great country, in full view from this very window, it reminds me of you for some reason, Rosalie. You seem like an independant young woman, a creative mind with a, beautiful face, like the city you an see in front of you. Paris is independant, a beautiful place to live before the revolution." Blushing, Rosalie managed to stammer, "You are renound for your Revolutionary movements, you say the city is no longer beautiful. But for me, beauty is everywhere, it doesnt fade, cannot be covered up and hidden away. Beauty is still in Paris, but you do not see it because of your part in the role of the revolution." A frown creased Juiliens forehead, before it softened into it's normal smile, teeth shining brilliantly at Rosalie, his eyes glistening like sunshine on glass. The grandfather clock began striking six and Melissa explained to Monsieur Julien it was time for them to leave. His smile faded as he showed them out to the awaiting carriage and the journey was long back to the house. Rosalie walked in the front door and almost collided with Will who was standing by the door, talking politely with Henrietta. Remembering what Melissa had told her, Rosalie dropped into a curtsy and Will bowed deeply. "Hello Rosalie, shall we go to the balcony?" Together they walked off with Melissa always a few paces behind them, untill they ran into Louisa who told Melissa to have the night off. "I Will watch them for a change, now go have a break, you deserve it Melissa." The women nodded at each other and Melissa walked off to her room quickly. The balcony was only small, but was a quiet place to talk. "I trust your mother has told you the plan to get you to England?"
"Yes, last night. But Will, why would you offer to do this? You could be murdered for helping us, it is a fools errand you are on," She saw that he looked slightly hurt at her harsh words and she quickly added,"I'm sorry Will. I'm scared." He pulled her closer in a tight embrace as they wrapped their arms around each other and they stood like that for some time. Ever since they had first met, Rosalie and Will had been inseperable. Her heart hammered as she looked into his deep Brown eyes, their faces got closer and closer untill she could feel his lips on hers, they were softer than she thought. Their first kiss was full of passion and their love for each other. "I love you, Rosalie, that's why I went on this fools errand." He laughed softly before she kissed him again while the sun set other the hills on the horison.

True Love and Despair

Rosalie and Will had these Twilight meetings almost every evening, they discussed and plotted their passage to England while every time, they grew closer and closer together. What they never realised was that Louisa was always watching them, she knew that Melissa wouldn't let this happen, so she gave her evenings off to watch the young couple herself. The reason she didn't stop them was that this is what her and Francis had been like at once. She could still remember the passion and romance of their meetings at night by the large pond outside of town in summer, where they shared their first kiss under the stars, but when she thought of those evenings, a different face came into a mind. Trying to forget the memories, her mind came back to Rosalie and Will who were still talking quietly in the fading sunlight of the balcony, Louisa knew her daughter was old enough to look after herself, she wouldn't go too far with Will, she had been brought up properly to know the limits. There was a knock at the door downstairs and she could hear Francis open it, she could also hear a strangely familiar that sent a sudden shiver down her spine, Rosalie hadn't met with Julien since the first time, but how on Earth did he know where they were? "Rosalie, come quickly!" Her mother whispered harshly at her distracted daughter who came at once. "Mama, what's wrong..."
"It's Monsieur Julien, he's downstairs. Do what he says, don't let on about Will and you, when you're with him act normal. How did he know where we live?"
"I don't know Mama. But why's he here?" Before Louisa could answer, Julien and Francis came round the stairs looking surprised to see the women standing on top of the stairs. "Why, Monsieur, hello. Might I ask why you're here?"
"I came to visit my fiance in her home and ask to take her on a walk around town." He tone was steely as he looked suspiciously around the cramped corridor just as Henrietta came out of her bedroom. As soon as she saw Julien she dropped into a curtsey and said "Bonjor Monsieur."
"Bonjor Madamoiselle, you must be Henrietta and I am Julien Montegaul, your sisters fiance." Henrietta smiled, unsure of what to say next as the room plunged into an uncomfterable silence. "I would love to acompany you on a walk Julien." They smiled uneasily at each other as they walked outside. "How have you been since our last meeting Julien, well I hope."
"Yes I have been fine thankyou, and what about you Rosalie, nothing too dangerous?"
"No, it's been quiet in the house, I've been fine though." The coversation carried on uneasily throughout the walk untill Julien asked "Who was the young man on the balcony? Don't say there wasn't anyone there, I saw them on my way over, and you were with them."
"But Julien there wasn't-"
"Don't lie to me Rosalie!" He had her cornered and without realising, they had walked into the back of an alley, "I saw you with him on the balcony in broad daylight! You're my fiance Rosalie, you're lucky nobody else saw you with that man, it's a disgrace!" Shrinking back, Rosalie thrust her head up to look up at his red face, his nostrils were flaring, his eyes burning into hers. "Do you think I'm scared of you, a coward who hides in big fancy house and escapes the revolution by funding it, while everyone else suffers because of what you did!"
" You should be scared, I could tell the right people about you're family, have you all arrested for being against the revolution, all except you! You're a girl, playing with things she can't handle! I could save or destroy your family unless you become my wife and when you've walked up the asile, I'll take you away, keep you under lock and key if you carry on like this!" Her eyes were closed, but she could feel the firm grip of his hands on her cheeks, holding her tear stained face towards his, forcing herself, she opened her wet eyes and saw him brushing away her tears before he pulled her suddenly. His lips were suddenly on hers, Rosalie tried to pull away but he was too strong, his steel grip held her head in place no matter how hard she thought, she could feel his lips turn up into a smile while he kissed her. He was hurting her and he knew that he was winning, his grip began to losen and he pulled his hands away before slapping her across the face so she nearly toppled over. The skin flared, burning as Rosalies cheek turned red and the rest of the colour drained from her face, she looked him in the eyes as Julien smiled at what he now had over her. He turned away, hands running through his undone hair. "Monster..." She gasped when he had turned away, he stopped in mid-step but didn't turn. After a moment he carried on walking, leaving Rosalie behind with her tears dribbling off her face, cheeks a bright red. When she got home, Rosalie heard Will talking with Louisa but she walked on by and into her room before she collapsed into tears and hysterical sobs. After a while there was a soft knock at the door and she muffled a faint 'come in' as a reply. The door opened and in walked Will who sat beside her on the bed, he pulled her hands away from her face and looked into her eyes. Rosalie told him what had happened in the alley and the more she cried, Will got even angrier at Julien, making her even more scared. After she finished her story, he held her close as he dried her tears with a hankerchief from his pocket. His touch was gentle and Rosalie felt the misery slide away from her as he kissed her tenderly, holding her hands in his soft ones and stoking the backs of her hands that were dirty with mud and soot. Slowly his hands moved up her arms and then cradled her tear-strained face as she stroked his soft, black curls. "I love you, Will, I always have ever since I first met you in the house on the day it was burned down. You are the only real happiness I have in my life and my reason to keep going on. I love you more than anything."
"Then we should leave, tommorrow before Julien can get near you again, I couldn't live without you Rosalie, if anything happened to you..." His voice trailed off as thunder spread across his face like the darkest shadow on a summers day. "I love you too much to let you go Rosalie." Again she grabbed him and pulled him close as they sat still in the darkening room.

Hope of Escaping

Morning light came in through gaps in the bedroom shutters, they danced in the room as clouds covered the sun in different places as Rosalie stirred in her sleep before sitting up and stretching. Her happiness dampened slightly as she realised Will had left in the night, which she couldn't remember much of, all she could remember was her and Will holding each other tight as they sat on the bed, she must of dosed off after a while as she was covered in her sheets. Slowly the events came back to her from the night before, she realised what day it was and that her and Will were leaving today, hopefully Will had spoken with her mother and told her the plans the had made. The door creaked open as Louisa came in to check on her daughter, Melissa had complained when she was told to leave Rosalie be and she dissaproved of Louisa's methods but it was better than have her marry Julien. Seeing her daughter was awake she sat beside her and they both sat without saying a word. Minutes passed before Rosalie finally said, "I'm leaving, Mama, today, with Will. We Will go by coach and then on a boat which is heading to a port in Will's hometown, we'll be safe, but after yesterday I, I can't afford to waste time planning, Julien won't know, we can get away before he finds out I'm gone."
"You seem to have figured all this out on your own, I just hope you know what you're doing, Julien is a powerful man, he could have lookouts everywhere for all we know. He Will expect you to leave as soon as possible. I won't stop you, don't write for a while, let there be time for the trail to go cold. Where are you meeting Will?"
"Two miles in the direction of the coach station in an old inn, the Hunters Lodge. I'll miss you Mama, don't tell Father anything untill he wants the Police involved and Henrietta would have probably guessed by then anyway. Tell them I'll miss them and not to worry. I love you all." The women hugged for what seemed like a long time before Louisa pulled away and whispered,"Go now my dear while everyone is out." They kissed goodbye and Rosalie walked out of the house once she was dressed, Will had promised her a whole new wardrobe when they got to England, but she packed a spare dress, the Chiffon she wore when she first met Julien. Her footsteps seemed to echo in the desserted street as she made the long walk down the lane which was far from beautiful, a stream of sewage rolled down the sides of the brick road, tattered clothes hung of lines, soaking wet from a wash and scrubbing with raw and chapped hands of hard working women. Finally she reached the carriage at the ed of the road and climbed in, getting as comfterable as possible in the cramped space for her journey to the Inn. The ride was long, dirt blew in the open window along with a cool breeze that brushed Rosalie's hair out of her face, the wheels bumped over rocks and through holes in the road making her bang her head on the ceiling. Soon the Inn was in sight on the horison and Rosalie began to feel nervous, for all she knew, gaurds could be waiting to take her to Julien and his house of horrors that was supposedly her fate to live in throughout an unhappy marriage. Rosalie climbed out of the carriage which now had more dirt than paint on it, and began to scan the crowd for Will, her face lit up when she eventually found him walking towards her fromt he shadows. His arms were outstreatched and she became close to running into them, to embrace the warmth and comfort that radiated form his muscular arms. "Were you followed Rosalie?"
"No, nobody was in the street when I walked to the carriage and we have driven throught the middle of nowhere withut seeing another soul. How've you been? Why did you leave last night? Did Father find you in my room?"
"No don't worry, lets get in and then I'll tell you," the carriage started moving forward and Will's eyes darted around the horison. "I used the back up plan because your Father checked on you in the night and saw me standing in your room, he assumed I crept in through the window and chased me out of the house and threatened me not to come near you again. Your Fiance also visited last night while I hid in the alley behind your house, I heard a carriage and didn't want to be caught by anyone so I hid, he walked into the house and didn't come out for a while." Rosalie's mouth had formed an 'o' shape after hearing the short story and her shock melted into confusion as to why Julien was at her house last night, he must have met with her father. Suddenly she did remember having a dream about Julien last night standing in her room, he was just stood like a ghost, pale and silent in the corner by the door which was open and she could hear a voice coming from outside. Anger rushed through her veins in large pulses as she realised it wasn't a dream, it was real, Julien had been in her room that night, but why had he come at night and seen her Father? "He was in my room..." Rosalie whispered as Will stared at her frozen as her thoughts went through her mind. His head snapped up as he caught on to what she said and he muttered "How dare he! And your father let into your room without permission!"
"Will, leave it, there are more important things to talk about, like how I'm still technically engaged to Julien, even if we got to England, he could still take me back and force me to marry him. How we be happily married if I'm engaged!"
"Don't worry, we can read up on that later, we just have to keep a low profile and not get caught by him or any of his workers, his spies could be anywhere and someones going to have wondered why you aren't back from your 'walk.' " Their voices dropped lower, not wanting to be overheard by the driver humming loudly from the ront of the carriage. "I'll keep you safe Rosalie, don't worry about a thing other than the clothes you'll want in England." Will flashed his cheeky smile and Rosalie couldn't not smile back at his beaming face, but something wasn't right, there was still a hint of doubt in his expression.


Julien Montegaul paced by his Drawing room window which over looked Paris, where smoke rose from chimneys and women sold flowers to pay for their families' dinner. Worry lines were beginning to show on his face as he looked towards the grand door, which his messenger had started knocking on. "Come in." Julien barked and in scurried Daniel, a young boy whose mother was ill and he had been put to work beside his father who managed Juliens finances. "Monsieur Montegaul, I have news on Mademoiselle Bouvier from Monsieur Danny," Julien gave a look of interest and beckoned for him to read on. "The letter says, 'Monsieur Montegaul, this letter contains news on your fiance which is of the utmost importance. I overheard her talking of travelling to England with a Monsieur Will where they Will travel by Carriage to Cavais and go by boat to a port in Dover, England. They then Will travel to South London and meet with Monsieur Will's father who's name is still unknown. Plans were originally made for a few months time but something has made them leave this morning. I followed the girl to an Inn, the Hunters Lodge on the outskirts of Paris where she met with a young man, Will, I was not seen but the man is on red alert at all times, making it harder to follow. I Will write with more news as soon as possible, yours sincerely, Red." Silence filled the large room as Julien paced and thought of what he should do while Daniel stood silently waiting to be dismissed. "Daniel, you may have the rest of the day off, tell no one about the letter. Before you leave, go to the Garden and tell Citoyen Bouvier that I need to speak with him urgently." The slightly frightened boy left in a hurry, leaving the note on the table and nearly sprinting out the door, he hated the thought of telling Francis that Monsieur Montegaul wanted to speak with him. Men that went in there were never at the work after that,"No," thought Daniel, " I must warn Monsieur Bouvier of what is coming, he is a good man who doesn't deserve to be fired" But instead of warning Francis, he walked back into the house and marched straight into the Drawing room where Julien had moved to sitting in his leather chair, the man turned and frown lines cresed across his face. "What on Earth are you doing in here Daniel! How dare you come in without permission!"
"No Julien, I Will not let you fire Francis for his daughter not wanting to marry you. I can't say I blame her either, who would want to marry a murdering bastard like you anyway! You sit here in your fancy house avoiding all hardships that others have to live through, your the reason for the revolution, not the solution! Soon the revolters Will realise that as well and they won't heistate to burn this place to the ground when they hear about what you've really been doing!-" Daniel was stopped in his tracks by a punch that connected with his jaw, fracturing it and sending him sprawling to the ground, but his hand grabbed at the table and he stopped himself falling and fought back against Julien. The young, energetic boy kicked the ageing man in the groin, making him double over before Daniel punched him in the face. Julien fell winded to the carpetted floor, curled in a ball with some cuts and bruises while Daniel walked towards the door. But a high pitched yell came from Julien and in came some guards having a break across the wide corridor who grabbed the boy who was lashing out when he could untill he was knocked to the ground by a hit to the head with a gun. Unconcsious, Daniel was dragged out of the room and down the stairs to the cellar where he tied with thick ropes to a chair where he slumped forward with a drop of blood rolling down his chin. Julien brushed back his hair and cleaned his face as he walked out of the room with a note from him to Red in his aching hand which was gripping his thigh, it was slipped to the butler who understood what this meant. At the end of his shift the Butler got into his carriage to go home but stopped at a blacksmiths at the end of the main road and gave the creased paper to the man on duty with instructions to give it to a Monsieur Sabastion 'Red' Walker.
Across town, Francis was just finishing trimming the hedges which had been watered and flowers had grown on them whilst he attempted to avoid Julien Montegaul. The sky was turning orange and Francis tapped his foot impatiently as he waited anxiously for Daniel who he walked into town with before they disapeared into their houses a street away from each other. After waiting for half an hour, Francis assumed Daniel had been in a rush and left early as he himself walked down the winding stone path which led out of the garden and to the front gates of the house. The troubled mans thoughts soon wound it's way to his daughter, who had not been seen anywhere since yesterday, he knew why she ran, and he couldn't blame her, deep down Francis knew Will would look after her, but he couldn't keep her safe forever.


Dawn was coming over the hills on the horison, lighting the black sky and turning it to a bright orange that blinded Rosalie when she looked at it directly. Will slept peacefully beside her, his head resting on her lap as he lay across the seat, snoring quietly as she looked at their surroundings, a quaint town with thatched roofs and people strolling around the streets talking calmly between themselves. It seemed almost too quiet for a war torn country, these were the people the revolution was fought for and their conditions were no better, they didn't look any richer and some were still sleeping on the streets even in this quiet town. Slowly the carriage came to stop and shaking Will to wake him up, Rosalie dragged herself bleary eyed, out of the cosy carriage and walked to the Inn where they were to wait for their carriage in the Afternoon. The clerk looked as drunk as they were tired and after a long wait they were shown to their rooms. After getting ready for bed, Rosalie crept along the corridor and into Will's room while they talked late into the night. "I think we're being followed Rosalie, so tommorrow, we are going to change coaches and go a slightly longer way to Cavais." Not daring to look at his worried face, she looked at her hands, her knuckles had gone white from grasping her hands tighlty, tiny cuts were on her palms from where she had dug her nails into the flesh. There was a quick knock at the door and wiping away the tear that had rolled down her cheek, Rosalie got up to answer it before being shoved into the wardrobe by Will, only briefly hearing him whisper, "Stay here, don't come out untill the coast is clear." Just before Will opened the door, it was thrown open from the outside, the lock had broken and in came a hooded stranger who held his sword at Wills chest, forcing him against the wall. "Where is she? Don't think I won't plunge this sword into your heart without a seconds thought. So, where's the girl, Will?"  Through slits in the mask, you could see the man's emerald green eyes, glinting with the lust to kill Will, whether he gave him what he wanted or not. Grabbing at anything, Will pulled out a sword from the decoration on the wall, which he used to knock away the attackers hand, which now was bleeding from a deep cut across the palm. Although this stopped the man for a moment, the attacker still had an adveantage, he was clearly a proffesional at fencing and was slowly getting Will into a corner. With quick movements and slices, Will was bleeding down his arms, and large cut dripped across his cheek. Soon enough, Will was standing bravely in the corner, it was clear he would lose but he still didn't tell the attacker Charlote was in wardrobe. "I can't let him die!" Rosalie thought as she fumbled with the wardrobe catch and pushed the wooden doors open. "I'm here, don't hurt him else I won't be coming with you."
"You'll be coming with me whether I kill him or not Madamoiselle, you don't really have a choice and there are spies all over this rotting town who wouldn't hesitate to hunt you down." But before he strolled up to Rosalie, he glanced the shimmering sword across Will's right leg, making him fall to the ground clutching at it, the blood falling warm and fresh onto the dirty floorboards. He didn't look into the face of his attacker, instead he thrust his head defiantly at Rosalie, his eyes watering slightly as he turned away from her and looked down at the floorboards. The attacker grabbed her arm roughly, dragging her down the stairs and out of the near abandoned Inn. A black carriage was waiting outside taking up all of the unlit street, Rosalie could just make out the shapes of her surroundings, the horses dragging their hoofs against the cobbled floor and the driver coughing into a hankerchief. He shoved her into the carriage and slammed the door behind him, the glass wobbled in the window, shimmering the view of the abandoned street, taking the mask off, Rosalie could remember his face from somewhere, from a distant memory like he had just been standing in the background of her life. "Who are you? I can guess that you work for Monsieur Montegaul and that he paid you to find me and take me back to him."
"My name is Robert Griffins and you're right on the part about about Julien Montegaul, he did pay me to capture you and take you back to him, but don't worry, I won't."
"But, why go through all this trouble if you aren't going to take me back to him? It's not like I'm worth anything anymore, so why bother, my father can't afford to ransom or any kind of money."
"Has your father told you anything about me? Has he ever mentioned my name in any conversation?"
"No, I have never heard of you, although you seem familiar from somewhere, like we met somewhere a long time ago... Why did you try to kill Will? Would you have really killed him if I hadn't come out?"
Robert didn't look at her, he was ashamed of what the answer would have been, Rosalie looked away in disgust at the coward in front of her. "He hides behind his weapons." She thought to herself. "I...would have because I thought he was someone else, I assumed..., I've been watching your house for a long time to make sure your family was safe. I'll explain why some other day, I never met with Julien, we did our payments through other people and when Will kept coming to your house, I thought he was him. It surprised me to find him at the Inn, so I wasn't sure what was going on, so I assumed he was a spy instead. At the time that made the most sense."
"Why do you care so much? You have nothing to do with my family so why are you protecting us? Why is it a surprise that I never heard of you?" Emotions flickered across Rosalie's face, before pure confusion took over her rage and fury towards the stranger. "Your mother, never mentioned me either did she?"
"No, never." Venom pricked at the words which were ignored as Robert carried on. "I think you're old enough to know the truth now, I used to work at a tailors' on the outskirts of Paris, our most valued customer was a very wealthy woman, her name was Annabel, an aristicrat with two young daughters who often ordered dresses for the young girls and herself. The daughters, one was your mother and the other her sister, Vanessa is your aunt. I was twenty three at the time and I began to fall in love with your mother, we would meet after my job in the Tailors finished and go to a lake outside of Paris. Soon we were lovers, while her husband was at work, we would meet up. But all of a sudden she stopped wanting to see me, everytime I called for her at your old house, they would tell me she was out. One day I had enough and climbed up to the balcony outside of her window, I didn't go in the door but stood outside, watching her. I realised what had happened, why she didn't want to see me. She was pregnant, it was showing and I was the father. Just when I realised this she saw me climbing back over the railings, Louisa came out and told me, I was the father of the child." Rosalie had been holding her breath, not wanting this to be the ending to the story, she had frozen, not daring to breave before Robert carried on. "Yes, you're my daughter."

Giving Chase

"What do you know about Rosalie Bouviers disappearance?" A harsh voice called out of the gloom of the damp cellar. Daniel could feel the friction burns on his wrists from the tightly knotted ropes around his arms that bound him to the chair. There was a ringing in his head, like a siren warning hm to get out of there, after a long pause he answered, "I don't know anything other than that the girl went on a walk around her neighbourhood and didn't go home afterwards. I know no more than you do, Citoyen." Something lashed out at his face, slicing into his cheek, he could feel the hot blood running down to his chin. Pain fizzed through his jaw, after it had gone the voice called again, "I know you're lying Daniel, tell the truth and you won't get hurt again, so tell me, where is the girl?"
"I told you, I don't know! Nobody knows! Why would I be any different?!" The pain lashed against his chest now, burning through the skin and biting at the battered flesh, tears came to his eyes, but Daniel tried not to show he was afraid. In a blind rage, the man threw down the chair, crashing it against the floor with the boy still strapped to it. Daniel yelped as he fell to the floor, calling out of the darkness as footsteps walked away from him and up the stone steps, leading to the drawing room. After struggling in an attempt to losen the ropes, he gave up and drifted into a disturbed sleep. Meanwhile, upstairs Julien and the gaurd discussed the boy downstairs. "Monsieur, I don't believe he knows anything about her disapearance, he only knows the rumours that are going around the town. We should talk with her father Monsieur, you know where he lives, or the Madamoiselle Louisa, you haven't talked with her yet and she could have something to do with it."
"Good idea Red, release the boy somewhere on the outskirts of Paris, no one Will believe that I did this to him, and I'm guessing he didn't see you?"
"No he didn't, I made sure of that." He walked out of the room and down to the cellar, dragging an unconscious Daniel behind him and bundling into a carriage.

The streets were dimly lit with oil lamps, anyone that walked by didn't give a second glance towards Will as he strode purposelly towards the stables down the road. The blood trickling down his leg didn't bother him, it felt numb from the cold of the winters night but still his pace didn't slow as he walked to the stables which were now in sight. Without waiting for permission, Will climbed onto a chestnut stallion and galloped at top speed down the dusty road, his eyes scannig the horison for any sign of a carriage. Cool winds brushed against his cheeks, turning them red from the cold and blowing his hair out of place, the horse journeyed on at a good pace, getting slightly faster by the minute, soon the dark shape of a carriage could be seen on the horison, but instead of going away from the Inn, it was coming towards it, the horse wasn't going fast enough for it to be Rosalie's carriage, it must be another. Taking a closer look, Will could see the form of a man being pushed out one of the doors, as the carriage started going back in the direction of Paris. Digging his heels into the horses sides, he soon found the young boy lying in the lane, blood covered parts of his shirt, and his face was bruised and battered. Will regognised him, he lived in the same area as Rosalie's family, he could remember Francis saying something once about working with him. Something clicked in Will's head, Julien must have been behind this, he must have heard about Rosalie's disappearance and started asking questions, assumed this guy knew something. A groan came from the injured boy, but he still didn't wake up properly. Dragging the boy, Will managed to balance him on the horse, climb on behind him and ge the horse into a canter, still searching the horison for Rosalie's carriage. Daylight started to break over the distant hills, the sky turned a vibrant orange and the sun peeped from behind the nights shadows, it would be easier to search now. But his eyes were starting to close, dark shadows were visible under them and occasionally his head started to drop down. Fighting to stay awake, Will journeyed on, but he was pale and felt sick, his trousers were soaked with the crimson blood, now starting to turn brown as it dried in the sun. After what felt like hours, they came to a run down Inn, and finally Will callapsed in a comfy chair in the lobby, where different groups of people chatted amongst themselves. He had asked for the boy to be taken to the room right away and be treated by a doctor if there was one. Dosing, Will could hear all the different voices bouncing around the room, down to the quiet murmers of anxious men and women sat in the corner. He was completely aware of the curious glances being thrown in his direction even while he napped, but after a while, the mood in the room changed, there was less talking, what was spoken was whispered urgently, as if there was a sudden rush to talk without letting anyone hear. Footsteps were coming closer to Will's sleeping form and a breeze brushed at him as someone went by, the floorboards creaked as the person sat beside him quietly, not wanting to wake him, too late. His eyes snapped open and he looked into the young boys face, which had now been stitched up, but still looked swollen and puffy. A smile spraed across the young mans face, they exchanged galnces and walked to their room without talking. "Who are you and what happened to you?" Will couldn't afford to wait, he had to know what the boy knew aswell. "I am Daniel Collins and I can't remember much but, I was talking with my employer, Julien Montegaul, I am guessing you've heard of him?"
"Yes." Will replied bitterly. "Well, he received a message, it was about his fiance, Rosalie Bouvier who disapeared a few days ago. It was from another worker  guess, Julien didn't say much about him, but I think his name was Red, he followed Madamoiselle Bouvier to an Inn on the outskirts of Paris, saw her with another man, who was more alert than her. He knew about her going to England and he told Julien in the note, but he lost them and was going to follow their carriage to the port and get her there. He was going to dismiss her father at work, so I stood up to him, the Bouviers are good friends and I couldn't let them be penniless because of his greed, so I stood up to him. That's all I can remember, althought there was a fight between us, the rest is blank. Now, may I ask, just who are you?"
"I am William Fitzpatrick, and I was on the run with Rosalie, but we were attacked at the Inn where we were staying, I didn't see the mans face, but I managed to see his carriage out of the window, he took her with him and may have returned her to Julien. I was after them when I saw you being pushed out of a carriage and I got you on my horse and got you here. She could be anywhere by now."
"Do you love her?"
"Then you should go on, don't stay here because of me I'll be fine, in fact, I'm better rested than you, I will go on and look for her, just tell me what the carriage is like and I could track it down, save her and wait for you in the town where your port is." Instead of being suspicious, Will went along with the plan, in those few minutes of conversation, the men knew they could trust each other.

Going Back

Rosalie's world had been turned upside down, all of the facts about her were wrong, Francis wasn't her father and now she knew that this complete stranger was. After explaining about Will, they went into an Inn, the Kings Head and stayed during the afternoon, soon they were on the road and heading back towards where Will was. A gentle breeze blew in, her hair waved about in the cool air, making her shiver slightly and close the window slightly. Robert was silent, he was thinking hard about the situation, a daughter he never met and he was about to lose his only child. No tears came to his eyes, but Rosalie knew how he was feeling, it was the same for her, she was losing her father who she never met before. She knew it was for the best that she left the country with Will, they would be safe and could get married like they wanted to live happy lives in a safe country. A smile spread across her face at the thought of him, being able to get him to meet her father properly this time. Her thoughts drifted to the lives her and Will would lead, what their children might look like and the house they would live in, somewhere in the country would be nice. Slowly, Rosale's eyes closed and she drifted into a peaceful sleep, after what felt like five minutes, the carriage stopped suddenly, sending her sprawling across the opposite seat. Someone came to the door of the carriage and pulled the door open without invitation and smirking at the her and Robert as he grabbed Rosalie's arm and yanked her into the cold night air, an identicle carriage was pulled up beside theirs and it suddenly clicked in her dreary mind, her father had set her up. Their driver was unconscious and her father didn't meet her eyes but looked guiltily because of what he had done and how he knew she felt towards him now. After she was forced down into her seat in the other carriage, Robert came unsteadily out of his carriage and into the other one, sitting as far away from Rosalie as possible and avoiding eye contact. Another an was sat in the carriage aswell as the smirking man in the corner who must have followed them. She knew who the man was at once without seeing his face, it wasn't hard to figure out, Julien Montegaul looked into her deep blue eyes and gave a sickening smile, it mocked her more than his words could and sent a shiver of fear down her spine. Rosalie didn't look up for two reasons, fear and the thought tha she believed everything this complete stranger had told her, he had lied to her this whole time, and she had made it easier for him to take her to Julien. It made her feel sick that all of the work her and Will had had put into escaping together had failed miserably. "Well Rosalie, you wouldn't believe the amount of trouble you've put me through to get you back again, but don't worry, I won't let you out of my sight again untill we get married tommorrow morning, which you will do if you want to see your family again. Although if you don't become my wife tommorrow, I will keep you under lock and key inside my house untill you go through with the plans."
"Why do you want me so much? I am no longer rich, my real father can't afford a dowry and there is nothing else you will get except a wife who even then could never love you." The word real was spoken with such venom that Robert shrank back even more into the shadows of the moving carriage.
"Because, my dear Rosalie, your father owes me, he was and still is a penniless gambler who won day cheated me out of my entire fortune, a lowlife chimney sweep became an aristocrat in one night of cards. He dragged my name into the mud. Fortunatelly for me, the econonmy changed and I got my fortune in the darkest ways, getting richer by the day as I cheated my way through the social classes before I was one of the wealthiest aristocrats in France and he and his family knew how it felt to have their lives turned upside down, being penniless in an expensive country. So yes Rosalie, you're a part of my revenge on that scum you have called your father for your whole life." Throughout his speech, Julien's face had become redder, drops of sweat sprayed across the other seats and his deep voice became louder and scarier than before. Even the smirking gaurd in the corner had stopped his wicked smile and sat backed away from Julien who glared at Rosalie. The rest of the journey was silent and after a long time, the rage inside him died down and his body stopped shaking, his red face went back to it's usual tanned colour. Staring at the rolling countryside out of the window, the petrified girl said nothing to Julien or anyone else in the carriage that was taking her to her depressing fate.

Harsh winds blew violently into Will and Daniel's faces as their horses galloped at top speed around the country lanes that were almost deserted in the darkening night. They managed to steal another horse making it quicker to gain on the carriage that was still out of sight, but as they turned a sharp corner, the two men almost collided with the carriage Will had seen yesterday. He could see the drivier slumped in his seat and the horses bolting at the near crash, blood dripped onto the road from the drivers wounds, he was still breathing and his eyes were opened, looking at the sky untill he heard Will and Daniel walking up to him. "Help me! Please, don't leave me here!"
"What happened Citoyen?" Will asked gently as he tried to calm the driver who was becoming hysterical.
"Another carriage came, there w-was two men, t-they knocked me down and took Citoyen R-Robert and the girl with h-him," He gasped in pain as he looked deeply into Will's eyes, and in that second, the young man saw all that the dying man had, pain and fury filled the memories, then a face came into his mind, Rosalie looking sorrowfull as she stepped into the carriage outside of the Inn, looking around to see if Will was coming after them. Then Julien's face filled his mind, smirking as he kncoked the man down, taking all his anger out on this defencless man cowering before him. "Go after them, they went back towards P-Paris." The dying man whispered to them, before his body fell back and his eyes were torn away from Will's, his last breath came as a gasp as he fell, the air escaping his lungs forever. Will closed the corpses open eyes and turned back to Daniel as he whispered. "All that and I never knew his name." The pair climbed onto their horses and galloped away, lights were getting closer behind them and if they didn't move, it would be them that would be labelled as the murderers. Time was running out for Will and he knew it deep down, he just wished he wasn't too late to get to Rosalie in time.


The bleak carriage made quick progress through the ink back view, the stars and moon were the only source of light for the carriage, the candles had long ago burned down and Julien hadn't wanted to be seen by anyone passing. After an on going journey, they could see the lights of Paris on the horison and despair filled Roslaie, her longing for Will became worse and morning was growing ever closer. "Surely Will would have come after me? I hope he is alright, for all I know he might be just behind us." All Rosalies thoughts turned to Will no matter what else she tried to focus on, untill she thought of how to get out of the wedding, which seemed impossible. Sighing, she turned back to the window which she rested against and slept uncomfterably, when she finally woke up, the sun was rising over Paris and they were driving up the lane to Julien's home. Emptiness filled her as she dragged herself from her seat and walked to the front entrance and waited for Julien who was walking with the stranger, Robert stayed behind her but kept fairly close. The servants greeted everyone and lined up against the walls of the large hall, not making eye contact and keeping their heads low except the Butler who was obviously fairly friendly with Julien. A quiet maid who kept out of everyones way was told to show Rosalie to her room and quietly scurried around various corridors and went up to the top floor, eventually she was able to sit down in the shabby room, the wall paper was peeling in places, soot from the fireplace was on the carpet surrounding the fire. It was cold in the room, the doors to the balcony were open and the curtains blew wildly in the wind. Before Rosalie had chance to realise, the maid had vanished and shut the door, confused, she walked to it and tried to open it, but it was locked from the outside and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't open it. "Let me out! I demand you open this door right now!" After a few moments the terrified maid called back, "I'm sorry Madamoiselle! Monsieur Montegaul gave me orders not to let you out! Please don't be mad at me Madameoiselle Bouvier! Please!" Without waiting for an answer, she ran away down the corridors and left Rosalie feeling scared and alone in the freezing cold room. Slowly, Rosalie slumped against the wall and slid down to the floor, tears dripped down her cheeks and she broke into terrified sobs for what would happen to her. Flashs of light filled the room, a pattern appeared on the carpet from the window panes and she crawled towards the doors, stretching out her hands, she opened the doors and got to her feet. Thunder echoed over the bright city, rain lashed against her dirty skin, hammering into her shoulders and chest, water ran in steams from strands of hair down her face. It cooled her steaming anger, Rosalie noticed a key in the doors to the balcony and locked herself outside, no doubt Julien propbably had another key but she didn't care. All her worries were washed away like the rain water travelling down the mountains far away. Looking down at the great height made her feel sick, so she danced in the rain, picking up her skirts and twirling, skipping and jumping around the fair sized ledge. Laughter, the first time she had laughed in a long time now, a smile appeared across her face, lighting up her mood and filling her with joy. Nothing inturupted her thoughts, not even when the butler saw her on the balcony from the conservatory and ran to tell his master, or even when they ran upstairs to bring her inside. Julien became furious when he heard about her on the balcony, what if someone should see her? Soon enough he was in her room and banging furiously at the window, yelling at her to come inside but she wasn't taking any notice of what he was saying to her, no matter how much he threatened her she wouldn't come inside. Something caught her eye from the direction of the garden, she sprinted to the railings and looked out, two people were running into the garden. Looking closer Rosalie could see it was Will and someone else she hadn't met before, she started waving frantically, yelling at the top of her voice just to get him to even look at her. He didn't. Instead Will and Daniel marched through the doors of the house, not waiting for anyone to stop them or show them the way. They never became lost in the maze of corridors and stairways, Daniel knew the house backwards and forwards, he lead the way to Rosalie's room, he had seen them preparing it and he stormed in without knocking. The room was empty, it looked ready for her, but there was nobody around. "Damn it! They must have put her somewhere else!"
"Where else would they have put her Daniel, remember the layout, are there any rooms that would be hard to escape from?" His face lit up and he carried on running, soon enough they could hear yelling from above them and a sly smile appeared across Daniel's face, she was there. When they reached the door they were looking for, the yelling was clearer than ever, someone was banging against glass, Will tried the door but it wouldn't open. "Stand back." He muttered to Daniel who obeyed at once, backing against the opposite wall, Will ran and crashed right through the wood, which shattered all over the room inside. Shocked at the crash, Julien turned, the shock on his face melted away and was replaced with firey anger, his face getting redder by the second. Hands against the glass, Rosalie looked into Will's unclear eyes, her face looked lovingly towards him and she smiled a bright, joyful smile at him. Looking at what Julien thought of this, she saw him pulling a gun out of his pocket, she hammered on the glass to warn the two men, they couldn't hear her through the glass. They had seen the gun by now and backed against the wall, they had come unarmed, a wicked smile crossed Juliens face,"Yes, I'm going to enjoy this." he thought to himself. Julien hadn't noticed Rosalie coming into the room armed with a clay pot from outside, her look was fierce, water dripped off her leaving dark marks on the floor, lifting the pot high above her head, she swung it down against his head. Peices of the pot scattered everywhere, breaking when it was thrown at his head, but the man was still standing, not even swaying after the blow. He turned and smirked cruelly at her and before Will could reach him, the bullet was fired in a large blast, the noise was horrific as it echoed around the room and off the walls. She collapsed on the floor, her leg buckled, her hand against her thigh as blood trickled down her leg, an ugly red stain was growing on the material of her sodden dress, tears were in her eyes but were blinked away in an attempt to hide her fear. Sprinting Will jumped on top Julien while he looked away, forcing the gun upwards away from Rosalie, Julien collapsed under the weight of Will and from above, he could see the wound from the pot, hot blood was started to drip down his neck. Finally after a struggle on the floor, Julien slipped into unconsciousness.


Will ran to her side as she sat slumped against the wall, the blood was spreading on the carpet and her dress was covered in it, a weak smile came across her face, which lit up when she saw Will coming towards her. Exhausted, he sat down beside Rosalie, after a few moments, Daniel joined them as they watched Julien lying on the floor before she whispered, "What do we do now?" Nobody answered for a while and then Will gathered himself together and picked her up in his arms, walking out the door without waiting for the young boy to catch up with him. "We will take you to your family and call a doctor to see to your leg-" Rosalie stretched up her head and kissed him passionatelly, it felt good for him to be with her again. "I love you Will." She whispered in his ear before she fell back to resting her head on his shoulder untill gently, she slipped into a gentle sleep.

When she finally had woken up, her head was resting on Will's lap, his arm was around her protectivelly and he looked out the window, a hard expression on his face as he thought to himself. Horse hooves clattered against the cobbled street and children screamed in delight as they played in the street and women chattered loudly whilst men laughed at jokes. The neighbourhood had a surprisingly calm atmosphere, everyone was happy for a change, the town Rosalie had left was gloomy and everyday plunged deeper into despair. Louisa was outside in their tiny garden when the carriage pulled up, it was a pleasant surprise and at once she called to the rest of her family who came outside to greet them and ask what happened. They ran to help once they saw Rosalie's injury and Francis thanked Will graciously, offering all sorts of rewards for bringing her home, but still he didn't smile. Late into the evening, he came into her room where she was resting, the doctor had been and cleaned up the wounds and she was feeling much better. His face was sullen and Rosalie noticed, "Will, why are you so sad, we're together again now, are we not?"
"Yes, my love we are together again, I just feel I should have done more to protect you, if I had been quicker, I could have stopped Julien shooting you, if I was better at fighting I could have stopped you being kidnapped in the first place."
"It's not your fault, you have not been taught to fight and that man had a gun! How could you imagine you should have done more, he was dangerous, it's not your fault." Slowly she sat up and pulled him close, they kissed tenderly before he pulled away, kissed her on the forehead and said goodbye for the night, once again he smiled at her, a brilliant smile that made her glad he was hers. Someone knocked on the door later that night and in came Louisa with another person, Rosalie was still awake and sat up, when she looked at the mans face, she became full of fury. "Please, Rosalie let me explain," Robert stood there looking nervous and slightly worried on how she would react. "I'm sorry for what I did, it was cowardly of me to give you to Julien and I didn't realise he was so dangerous, but at the Inn, where we stopped, I was confronted with another of Juliens workers, he asked me what I was doing. Then I heard Julien was at the Inn, and not in a good mood either, not one of his employees wants to get on the wrong side of him. He was going to kill me if I didn't give you to him. I'm sorry." His face fell and he looked at the ground but Rosalie felt sorry for the man and put her hand on his stiff shoulder, "Why did you lie so, it was cruel what you did, are even a relation of any kind?" Louisa looked up at this shocked that he had said such things to her daughter. "Yes, he's your father, but Francis doesn't know, he thinks your his child, I'm sorry for not telling you Rosalie, but if word got out, we would be a disgrace." Even though it was hard to believe, the girl trusted her mother and knew what she did was the best option, they exchanged smiles and said goodbye to each other. So much had happened in the past few months, yet it had all turned out the way it was planned. As soon as her head hit the pillow she was asleep, gently snoring as she dreamt of the events of her life, hours passed without it feeling that way and Rosalie woke, surprised to see daylight streaming through her window. Melissa came in with breakfast, and soon the young girl was full and felt well enough to get up, her leg ached painfully and she needed help walking but eventually she was sat by the drawing room window, reading her book in the sunlight. Footsteps came, muffled by the carpet, that were coming towards Rosalie, she looked up into Will's gentle face, their looks were the same, full of love and passion for one another. Fubling in his pockets, he pulled out a small box and knelt down on the floor, her hear fluttered when she realised what was going on, "Rosalie, will you marry me?"
"Yes, of course Will!" He picked her up from the seat and swung her around while she clung to him, laughing as they twirled in elegant circles, he bet down his breath tickling her ear as he whispered, "I love you Rosalie." He set her down and she managed to stand as she gazed into his hazel eyes, they kissed again, her arms wrapped around his neck and his hands fitted around her waist. It was the best moment of their lives as they spent the rest of the day sat by the window, talking and laughing as they enjoyed each others company, knowing they were going to spend the rest of their lives together.

The End

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