Three more people died that day. The deaths of Ashley Page, Aiden Anderson, and Jenny Baird were all determined to be related to the same virus in the same program.

I hopped onto my bike and flew to the bureau. When I arrived, the director himself was there. He immediately approached me and held out a manila envelope labeled DOE, JOHN. I grabbed it, and the director said, "I know this case is very close to you, Benjamin, but don't let Ashley's death bias your investigation. I trust that you will instead use your personal drive to keep this investigation strictly professional."

"Yes, I will, Director," I responded. I secured my Glock 22 in its shoulder holster, then placed my twin Glock 26s in their holsters before removing the envelope's contents and spreading them out on my desk. I read a record of each of the deaths and some other files related to the case before heading out to my bike and shooting down the street. There was only one way to bust people like John Doe: I would have to infiltrate the organization of followers calling themselves the Faceless.

The End

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