{Closed between Murphy, Ty694, TheJackster, and Darkliquid}

    John Doe could have been labeled a bad man.  He could have been the next Hitler, another murderer.  Problem is, John Doe made it look like he never did anything wrong.  Everyone forgot that he was the one that uploaded the virus.  He was the one that killed Jenna Manning.

Jenna's best friend, Samantha Murphy, was always a little scared of the Hubs.  It wasn't that it was filling your brain with things that you might not want in there, it was the needle that went six inches into your arm.  Most people could stand it, because you couldn't see or feel it, but Samantha didn't even want to know it was there.

The Hubs gave you all of the knowledge you'd ever need--  All of the schooling, all of the common knowledge that you used to have to learn on your own, in one convenient place.  It was the thing that brought America's economy back, just when people started to discount any sign of a recovery as bullshit.  It also led to Jericho Corporations' rise to becoming the largest company in the world.  By the time a year had passed, all new computers were Jericho-made, Jericho-controlled.

Samantha didn't know any of this.  Like half of the U.S., she lived in blissful ignorance of the reasons the world was falling apart.  She just didn't like needles. That's the only thing that saved her life.

Jenna started complaining about a headache a couple of minutes after she downloaded a fitness program onto the port in her arm.  Two minutes later, she lost all control over her actions.

"John Doe-- John Doe owns the hubs.  He owns Jericho, Corp.  John Doe--"  She said, way too loud to be sober.  She was.

"John Doe killed me."

She hit the floor, with her martini, still full, crashing to the ground.  She had no pulse.

The End

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