Abstract DreamMature

The rain turned into a low intensity of red, transparent as it ran of Michaels leather jacket. His feet made a slicking noise as he moved through the gathering mud, an impulsive desire driving him closer to the house. 

His feet tapped the wooden porch and his hand gingerly grabbed the doorknob, slowly opening it. Rain flew into a long hallway, impacting a dark shape which dashed through an open door. Michael clenched his fist and walked forwards, trying to calm his rapid breaths. He went through the same door as the dark shape and saw two legs shaking. His feet slapped the ground and he looked down, seeing a red puddle. A snap drew his eyes back to the shape. Blood pooled out farther and continued to do so with every snap. Michael screamed "What are you?!"

The snapping stopped. His heart felt like exploding and his eyes craved to pierce the darkness to find what the unknown was. His mother cooed behind him "Would you prefer death?"

Michales eyes snapped open and he leaned forwards, his head nearly colliding with Cliners. Cliner eagerly gloated "I knew it! HA! My invention is safe, god!"

Sarah leaned over the top of the machine, forcefully asking "What was it?"

Michael shrugged "A house..." he still hadn't told her.

The End

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