Wake UpMature

Michael saw swirling, golden sand sweep through the air towards him. Sarah asked "What?"

Michaels eyes closed and he fell back into the reviticus. Sarah took a few steps back as the scientists leaned over Michael. Evan pried Michaels eyes open, mumbling "sacré bleu et vous merdesacré bleu et vous merde!" 

Sarah buried her face into her arm as she saw Michaels white eyes, rolled into the back of his skull. Cliner stated "It may be best to do a shock..."

Evan looked grave and approached Sarah. She shook her head, stopping him in his tracks. Sighing, the French man opened his mouth to speak and turned around, walking towards a computer. Cliners brow furrowed and he slapped Michaels face.

Rain hit the concrete road, creating a slick surface. Michael groaned as he felt his body being dragged across the ground. He hazily looked up and his body stopped. Teeth marks marked his ankle, blood pooled onto the ground. He slowly stood up and heard wind tearing through the trees. The rain turned bitter cold and he stumbled forwards, rain blocking his vision. A sign appeared, paint peeling of, an arrow pointing to the right. Michael looked to his right and saw a path towards a dark lake. One house sat beside the lake, lights on. Thunder cracked and shook the earth, almost concealing the cry of a wolf.

The End

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