His World...Mature

   Brians eyes hesitantly opened to see a lively, green forest, leaves crumpled as they hit the ground. A light wind blew and a golden sun shone through the trees. Brian smiled and started walking, his feet leaving a trail of ash with every step. A scream errupted through the forest.

   A hand grabbed Brians shoulder and turned him around. Brian saw his mothers face and gasped "Mom?"

   She gave him a hug and whispered "I wish we could have more of these moments."

   The hug ended and his mother stepped back onto a carpet in the forest, a living room appearing. His mother asked "When your father died, what did he say?"

   Brian gaped and whispered "I..."

   His mother smiled "He never thought much of you, did he? One day, he even told me that he wanted to stick a needle in your eye." A screwdriver appeared in her hand and she slowly advanced.

   Brian tried to move, only to find his body frozen. He tried to yell but found skin had formed over his mouth, letting no words escape. His mother slowly pressed the screwdriver against his left eye, the tip sliding in.

   A far away voice mumbled "Wait... this isn't right, I think he's waking up." The voice started getting louder "That dose should have wor-"

   Cliner screamed "Well obviously it didn't! So take two steps that way a-"

   Sarah interupted "Please, this isn't helping him!"

  Michaels eyes snapped open and his bloody hands covered his left eye. The chamber started to open and Evan  babbled "But... every indica-"

Cliner yelled "Shut up Evan!" Footsteps echoed and Sarahs hands gently grabbed Brians, pulling them of his eye. His left eye opened and saw his clean hands. Sarah forcefully smiled "See? You're back in reality."

Michael grabbed the sides of the Reviticus, pulled himself up and growled "How is this going to help?!"

Cliner crossed his arms and fumed "Oh, I'm sorry I've spent all of my evenings working on a machine that can cure any non-biological illness, oh no, I just did it to screw you up!" He threw his hands into the air and spun around, walking to a machine and muttering. Evan mumbled "I'm sor-"

"It's okay... you did what you could" sighed Sarah.

Michael looked at his hands again, seeing a drop of blood fall from his forefinger; mushrooming and flattening on the floor.

The End

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