Michael Forester is a man that is put inside the Reviticus, a machine that takes him back into his past while he's dreaming.

The skies clouded as rain hit the ground, creating a slippery surface on the road. Michael sat inside a car, leaning against the window, sleeping despite the bumpy road. His eyes snapped open and he felt his feet smack concrete. 

Lights flickered in a hospital, a surgeons shadow violently moving around a corner, accompanied by a mans screams. Michael walked around the corner and saw the surgeon kneeling on his fathers body, pulling on his ribcage. His father cried as the bone snapped, a pool of blood flowing across the ground. The surgeon looked at Michael, his face the same as the back of his head.

Michael woke with a start, his eyes burning and hands on fire. His wife Sarah looked at Michael, her face blurred. She stated more then asked "It's getting worse?"

Michael rubbed his green eyes and mumbled "I'm fine, don't worry."

Sarah sadly smiled, her face coming into focus. The car slowed, the signal light ticking. Michael felt a pull as the car turned right, into Madison University. The lights dimmed and the car slowed as it parked. Sarah sighed "Michael, you d-"

Michael threw his seatbelt of and pushed his door open. Sarah pleaded "This could make it worse!"

Sarah exited her car and caught up to Michael as he pushed the doors to the University open. She entered the university, white flourescent lights illuminating a small room with a reception desk. Michael shook hands with a French doctor wearing a lab coat and glasses. The doctor looked at Sarah and smiled, saying "My name is doctor Evan, please, let me explain everything about this procedure before you ask questions."

Sarah crossed her arms and looked at the floor. Evans left hand grabbed his right as he leaned slightly towards Sarah. He said "The Reviticus works by... letting Michael take control of his nightmares. I admit, doing this to a thirty year old man poses some risks, but if we don't act soon I fear his mind will be beyond repair."

Sarah swallowed hard, hiding her face with her hand. She mumbled "I ju-..." tears streamed down her face. Evan slowly walked forwards and put a hand on her shoulder. He asked "If it is okay with you, I'll take him to the Reviticus. You may come along and watch."

Evan smiled when Sarah nodded. He turned around and walked down a series of hallways, Michael and Sarah following. Evan took a left and gingerly opened two massive doors. A machine lay behind the doors, along with one other person, an old bald man, typing madly on a computer. Evan pointed at the man and said "This is doctor-"

"Cliner, now if we're done with the greetings, I have a lotta work to do and your distractions aren't helping!"

Michael pointed at the machine and asked "So, that's the Reviticus?"

Cliner furiously yelled "Of course it is!"

Evan sighed "Yes, you see the chamber? Lie down inside."

Michael followed Evans instructions and lied down inside the chamber. Sarah looked down at Michael, a small forced smile across her face. She whispered "Make it back in one piece, okay?"

The top of the chamber slowly closed with a loud squealing, drowning out Michaels answer. Evans voice echoed inside the chamber "Ah, ye- Mic- stupid mach-".

Cliner yelled "I told you to get it fixed! Why is it that I'm the only one who can get anything done around here!?"

Michael mumbled "Yeah, I can hear you."

Evan instructed "Wonderful, I have the mic fixed! Now, put your right arm into the brace, you'll feel it. An IV will connect to your arm and you will slowly pass out. If you do not hear my voice in the dream, then your simply under heavy dosage. Do not panic if that is the case! Well, whenever you are ready."

Michael put his arm into the brace and felt a sharp pain. His arm throbbed and his eyes slowly shut. 

The End

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