Old SoulsMature

8th April

Michael snuck into my dream when I slept. It wasn't like before where I noticed him right way, he stuck to the blurry edges of the dream where I wasn't focused. He came up behind me, acting like all the other dream characters. I was lucid, I remember being lucid, but the memory of that time is superimposed by when he came to me. 

I was surprised to see him. I never remembered what he looked like, out of the dream, he might very well be any of the other strangers I passed on the street, never paying any attention to any of them. I remembered him in passing, and he seemed different this time. I couldn't compare him to who he had been earlier, because I didn't remember. But I felt that change. 

He called out my name, and I turned back. 

I didn't recognize him for a moment, but that moment was fleeting, and I knew exactly who he was. 


"You're destroying your dreams," he said. 

"Is that what you have come here for? To tell me that? Is that all?"

"Yes, that is," he said. 

He didn't meet my eyes, and I didn't meet his. I could feel the hostility coming off of him in waves. I was not going to ignore that vibe. 

"You can get going then," I said. 

He was about to say something, but reconsidered. He walked away, and I sat down on a recliner I conjured, and sighed. Too many thoughts, and the dream started to fade away around me.

I could now do anything I wanted in a dream, with almost no effort. I had even forgotten Michael, I certainly didn't need him around anymore. I could do so much more by myself, without hearing his bickering constantly in my ear. I didn't know why he showed up out of nowhere, and just to say that one thing. But there was another thing too, that I think he said. 

"I've been in every single one of your dreams, you just never saw me."

I don't remember him saying it,  but it came to my mind, and it was that he'd said it, even though I explicitly remembered him having just that one conversation before. But what if it was true and he was in every dream? Could I call for him?

Would he come?


The End

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