Dream is CollapsingMature

24th March

I forgot to write down yesterday's  dream, so I don't remember what it was exactly about. But I do remember bringing out a coin out of nowhere, just like a magic trick and impressing Michael with it! He wasn't that impressed, but I had done something for the first time in the dream, and he showed the necessary enthusiasm and had said something along the lines of I'm making progress.

Today, I had a banal dream about being at school, that is, until Michael came.

I was stressing about making notes, when I heard "Wake up, princess"

It was Michael's voice, which meant "I'm dreaming," I said.

He was sitting on the bench beside me. The class seemed to be going on as usual, with the students concentrating all too much and it was very quiet. It was supposed to be a Literature class, but the teacher was drawing shapes on the board which seemed to change the moment I lost focus. 

"That is weird," I said, narrowing my eyes at the board. 

"You can change it," Michael said, standing up and stretching right in the middle of the class. But nobody else seemed to notice, it was like he was invisible. 

"Yeah, like the coin," I murmured. I wondered what would happen if I talked to another person in a dream. Would it be like a regular conversation? Michael didn't count, of course. Even without knowing the specifics I knew he was different from everyone else I encountered in a dream.

I tapped the girl in front of me on the shoulder. She didn't even move. 

"Is this normal?" I asked. 

"When there are this many people, yes. They act a certain way that they're supposed to."

"Are they not going to notice anything that we do?" 

"Not unless you want them to. If you focus and think hard about the teacher noticing me, she just might," he said. 

So, I did that. I thought about him standing there, when everyone else was sitting down, being very noticeable that it was impossible for the teacher not to miss him. 

"You there," the teacher shouted. "What are you doing standing up? Sit down. I'm trying to impart education here, and for all your antics are not making it any easier." 

Michael slid into the seat beside me, grinning, and the teacher turned away to face the board. 

"What else can I do?" I could feel the adrenaline in my veins, this was exciting. I was discovering new things to do everyday.

Michael's face turned serious, thoughtful. "You can get naked right here, and none of them would even care." 

I glared at him, and then we both laughed. 

"Seriously," I said. "What else?" 

"Let's build your dreamscape." 

"My what? What even is a dreamscape?"

"Your dream landscape, you'll make up everything that's in it," Michael said. 

"So how do I go about doing that?" I asked, propping my feet up on the table. 

"You can begin with your dream house. Close your eyes and imagine it." 

I closed my eyes. What should it be? A condo, perhaps. No, a mansion. Why not a castle? What else could it be? A house overlooking the beach? A sparse cabin? 

I'd got so caught up in thoughts, that I forgot what I was planning to do in the first place. I opened my eyes, and I was back in my bedroom, staring at the ceiling. I sighed. It was almost time to wake up.

I didn't want to forget to write down this dream too, so I fetched my journal and wrote everything. Dreamscape, I'll have to remember that. I can't wait to meet Michael again. 

My alarm's ringing now, it's time for me to go about my day. I wish my days were as exciting as the dreams are. 


The End

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