My time here was coming to an end.  I would take many things away with me.  There were things I enjoyed.. the sun, the rain, a cooling breeze on a summer evening.

I had mixed feelings of the creatures that inhabited this blue marble.  They were destructive, selfish, greedy, immoral.. still, they did know how to give good gifts to their own.  They worshiped one day out of the week, the other six, they sinned without impunity.

Their prejudice carried through out the known universe.  Their ability to kill without remorse, without feeling was even something the Arch Angels couldn't fathom. 

In my report, I would say all these things but, the little ones and a select few makes this rock worth saving.

My wanderings took me far and wide and although there was evil here, good did exist, it did weigh in..

Those that I sent on are in a better place, those that I could touch, had purpose, those that I devoured would be left in the soil and filth like so much excrement..

It was raining, I turned my face upwards, the sheet of water parted to let me through.  I would show my respect, give my report, take my place.. ~Reverence~

The End

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