The cry was different.. not quite a pleading for release, not quite a resignation.  Mournful, sad, hollow echoes that reached my ears and called out for help. I couldn't enjoy the sun.. something about that cry.

The sign said it all,  "Pediatrics" 

The little one was ghostly white, dead silent, the eyes were closed and the thoughts... silent,  still the cries were loud. 

The mother saw me, she clutched her chest, I could see dark circles under the tired eyes.. her hurt cut.. it was deep but, it was not selfish and I read the thoughts..  She wanted the child, loved it more than life itself but, didn't want it to suffer..

I walked over and touched her forehead, she slumped backwards into the chair.. asleep.

The child slept, perspiration soaked the sheets.. I lay my hand on the little one's heart..  I smiled ~Reverence~

I did not have the power to give life that was dying but, I could assist a sick one.. I sent the light into the little body.. the heart responded.. the color flooded the cheeks..

I walked over and touched the mother, pointing to the little one, I led her to the bedside.. she grabbed my hand and kissed it... ~Reverence~


The End

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