This was not the way it was supposed to be.. dammit, his partner was supposed to go down, he watched birds flying overhead.  Oh god, he didn't want to die.. He wasn't some lowly criminal, he wasn't one of these pushers, pimps.. he was the law!  He had explained to the man his partner would be coming around the building first.. he was supposed to shoot him.. God he didn't want to die.. He wasn't a snitch, not like his partner.. running to IA..  It wasn't supposed to be him!

The being knelt down next to him, he felt the pressure on his chest, it was slight at first.. he cried, repeating over and over, he didn't want to die.  When he felt the push into his chest, for one instance, he saw his own face, ugly, disgusting, something hideous.. opening his mouth he tried to scream but.. something was being pulled through his body, something was grinding and ripping his soul apart.. his last breath was frightening, painful and bloody..

The End

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