I could understand their love for the sun.  It's rays seemed to heal the sick, surely God had provided for these creatures but, something had gone wrong.  Wasn't for me to judge.  I walked through the park watching the children play.  If only they still had the minds of  children, they would be fine.

Sitting on a bench I saw the man running across the grass, I saw two men in uniform chasing him.  The unsettled voice started, small at first. 

I didn't have to follow, the voice would call to me, I would know.  I sat there with my eyes closed, listening to the little voices, I rather enjoyed them, sweet and innocent.  Even when they cried, I still allowed my ears to tune in to them  ~Reverence~

The crying, the fear, I understood though, it annoyed me.  I didn't feel that cling, that fight, that desire to hold on to something so fleeting.  People milled around just outside of the yellow tape, I walked through and knelt next to the officer, blood seeped from the hole in his chest, I placed my hand over it..

Cold, deceit, lies, dishonesty.. a life wasted, disgusting in his immorality, his drunkeness.  I saw this life lying before me, I saw all the hurt and pain he had inflicted..

Closing my hand, I pushed the fist firmly down upon his chest, for one moment his life passed before him and he saw himself as I did.  I snatched the soul from his body and devoured it.. He exhaled, a trail of blood spray carried away on the wind...

The End

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