Cancer, the big C, the crab.. what else did they call it, it didn't matter.  It had been three years and he was tired.  He weighed all of 90 pounds, every breath he took was laborious.  The family that continued to sit there and stare at him irritated him.  He kept telling them go, he could do this part, they had been there, sacrificed all that had been their lives to sit and stare at him.  "God, just go, please!"  They didn't hear him, he didn't open his mouth, he didn't have the strength to scream at them, he didn't have the strength to whisper to them.  

But his mind screamed, screamed at them, screamed at the nurses, screamed at the Doctors, screamed and screamed and screamed.. in pain, so much pain..  The morphine didn't even knock him out anymore, his constant companion even more dogged and persistent than his family... PAIN..

When he first felt it, it was just a slight pressure, just a little push just above his heart, he stared into the eyes, he saw... his salvation, his peace, his death and he welcomed it.. His mind didn't take in details, too much hurt for that but, he'd always wondered.. how it would be.  Now, it didn't concern him, there was no one to tell, this was the way out, the way home, the way to quiet.. The entity raised it's hands, blew into them and he saw his spirit fly away.  He exhaled one final, painful breath.. ahhhhh.... good bye.

The End

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