Rain trickled down the collar of the slicker I wore.  I walked slowly through the streets glancing at the faces around me.  It was the dinner hour, after work hours and people were in a rush to get home to their little lives.

Some had thoughts of their children, some had thoughts of their siblings and parents, some had thoughts of their spouses, some had thoughts of their loneliness, some, had thoughts of their mortality.

I raised my face to the rain, it had been steady all day.  The cold water invigorated me and I walked a little faster.  I did a pretty good job of tuning out most of the voices, then I could concentrate on the sounds of nature and the earth.  Long before you heard a cricket at night, I'd heard it, long before you see the flicker of the fire fly, I've seen it, long before you scream because of the eight legged creature sitting there in your bed, I saw it.

Tonight one voice stood out, it refused to be settled, to be quiet..  It's notes sang out,  the sheer pain of it tore through me.  One in such agony, such despair, such torment,  my skills were needed.

I made my way through the sheets of rain, through the crisp darkness.  The lights flickered as I walked through the automatic doors.  I slid into the elevator behind a little old woman..  She cried silently, I heard the voice but, it wasn't loud enough yet.

There it was, 2202 bed 1.. 

The eyes stared up at me, feverish, begging, I placed my hand on the heart and pain shot up my arm..  I closed my eyes, I saw the life lying in front of me.  It had been a good life, a full life, a life worthy of praise..  ~Reverence~

It was quiet, silent, done...  I took it.. up into my hands, blew my breath on it and watched it flutter up, up, up to the heavens..

The eyes slowly closed, the lips turned up into a slight smile, a last sigh escaped the parched lips.. peace descended on the soul..

The End

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