In the presence

Bree Williams:

I ran til li got home then i stormed up stairs.  Why was this all hapening? Why Vanessa? Why did we even have this stupid gifts? Why did NW want us dead so badly? Surely we would die one day but not by him. No i didnt want to be murdered by a demon. I stopped in the living room to see a white and grey fluffy kitten.  My dad got me pets regularly to make up for all the days he''s gone and to make me seem more "responsible" and so i could keep myself busy. 

"Is it a boy or girl?" I asked picking up the kitten and petting it

"Its a boy.  I would have gotten you a girl but this was the last one" My dad replied

"No its fine.  I wanteda boy kitten anyways.  His name is Luke." I said craddeling him in my arms trying to forget my worries unfortunatly my dad had to speak again.

"Hey, Wheres VAnessa? I thought you went to the school to get her?" He asked a little worried

"Ya, ummmmm," I couldnt tell him she got kidnapped by a demon. No way no how. "She went home to feed Lawrence" Lawrence was her families dog.  He was extremly cute and intelligant.

"Well her parents called said they would be away longer then they wanted so shes gonna stay with us for a week." He said watching me carefully for my expression.

"Oh um thats great" I said trying to sound cheerful.  Thats when i got a not so brilliant, brilliant idea. "Hey dad? You know how your trying to teach me to be responcible? well i think it would be a good responcibility thing if we, meaning me and Vanessa stayed at her house? I could bring Luke and Ben. You know how the dogs like to play." I hoped my plan would work.

"I dont know Bree..." He started

"Dont owrry dad it will only be me and V, alone.  I'll call you every day! Twice if you want! No parties or anything just fun! Besides we want to stay up late watching movies and chatting and junk and were super loud" I said trying to make him say yes. ALone seem to be the key word along with me checking in and the no parties thing.

"Okay fine.  But no boys, no parties, no anything liek that" He said eyeing me

"I  prmi-" I got cut off


Someoone was pounding on the door and it sounded ergant.  I stood up off the couch and headed to my room.

"Dad, could you get that? Im gonna go show Luke my room." I randown the hall just to be yelled up to a few seconds later

"Bree-eee!" Called my dads voice. "Drakes here to see you!!!!" My dad didnt mind Drake too much he knew i didnt like like him and that we were just friends and that we hung out alout. I sighed and and slowly walked to the top of the stairs, sighed one last time and proseeded down the stairs holding Luke close to me.  I got to the bottom of the stairs and my dad patted my shoulder as he passed me to go up the stairs.  I did a quick fake smile then walked out side and shut the door behind me fighting the erge to slam it.  I was quickly taken over by the rambles coming from Drake.

"What do you mean leave you alone?  I want to help! Im really sorry about before, truely i am! Please B, just hear me out.  We nned to find Vanessa quickly! What happens when her parents get home and see shes not there? Shes an onlychild lke you there bound to know shes not there like immediatly! What are we going to do??" I waited for him to stop before I spoke.

"Relax! god! Her parents arent coming home for a week. Im supposed to be staying at her house with her for the week but obviously shes not there so it keeps my dad off my back and her parents are out of the way." I looked up from luke to see his reaction only to see him staring at luke in my arms.

"hey did your dad get you another pet?" He asked

"Yes he did.  This is Luke." I brought Luke up for a second then put him down on the ground to wander for a bit.

"And i only said i didnt watn you near me any more 'cause you could be next" He just starred at me utterly confused

"Vanessa has been kidnapped" I said looking in the direction of the school only tto see a black mist travelling towards us.

The End

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