Bree Williams:

I walked stomping my bare feet on thecold hard pavement.  I hated Drake soo much!!! If i ever saw him again I would kill him! I walked in my front door and slammed it hard behind me. I stormed upstairs so deep in my thoughts that i didnt hear my dad call me. Then i remembered that I had left Vanessa at the school. I ran out of my room and came to an arupt halt looking at the animal at my feet. A kitten.

"Hey Bree I got you a baby kitten! It's a girl and i thought you would like a new friend" My dad said as he abserved my reactions

"Cute dad but I left Vanessa at the school ill do my regualar fuss over the animal when i get back" I said running down the stairs and out the front door skipping wearing shoes again.  I ran so fast i thought my lungs were gonna burst! When i got to the school Vanessa was no where in  sight.  Just then i turned m head to see Drake stading right behind me.

"YOU JERK!" I yell flinging myself at him with all my might trying to hit him straight in the face but he only catches my hand

"Wheres Vanessa?" He asks.  I sigh and take my hand back to my side turn around and head straight for Vanessa house.

"HEY!" Drake yells from behind me.  I ignore him completely as he runs to my side, grabs my shoulders and turns me around.

"LET GO OF ME!" I yell in out rage.

"B, im sorry! I really am! I just dont know about you anymore."  He says staring into my eyes.  Im to worried about Vanessa to even wonder what that is supposed to mean.

"Whatever" I mumble as i urn and continue on to V's house.

As i approach her house i see her parents vechicles are gone yet again.  I run up her fron steps and start pounding on the door only to be interuppted by her dogs bark from inside. After a few minutes i turn and go back to here i left her. I search al over with the help of Drake before finally giving up and leaning agains a rock.  I pull out my cell and dial her number and end up hucking my I-phone across the way in fustration when it goes straight to her answering machine.

I stare at my pink converses as drake sits down beside me.  I fight back a tear as i wonder what happned to Vanessa, but soon the tears come pouring out.  I sit there in my misery as Drake pulls me into a hug. I dont care that i just had a huge fight with him or that im mad as hell at him i just sit there in cry.  Then suddenlymy vison goes black.

Im no longer at the feild but looking at a scene.  I see Vanessa sitting in a coner.  NW sitting in a wooden rocking chair.  I hear muffled blurry sounds which i cant make out.  I see other demons that work for NW walk in and out of the picture.  I hear his muffled laugh about something when suddenly i am laing on my back my head half way on a rock with a major headache and Drake stairng at me with anxzious eyes.  I get up and shake off the dead grass and dirt from my yellow skinny jeans. 

"B, what happened? What did you see?" Drake asks still staring at me.  I stare at a tree across from the swings and send Drake into them.

"OWW! What the hell Bree!" He yells at me.

"Stay away from me.  It only makes this worse.  He'll come after you next!!" i yell as i let him down from the tree. I start walking toward my house when i hear muffled footsteps behind me, i turn and see drake standing there a few feet away fromme with his hands in his jeans pockets.

"i SAID LEAVE ME ALONE!" I yell as I run home ignoring the fact that Drake is calling my name and still following me.

Vanessa had been kidnapped.

The End

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