The Fight.

 Vanessa Den:

Rain is softly falling all around us as we sit on a bench at the local park. I mean 'we' as me, Drake and Bree. We're trying to figure out the stuff when Bree starts ranting on about her latest nightmare. Drake looks frustrated, annoyed even. It's a huge surprise, believe me. He usually has a goofy grin or hopeful smile. Suddenly he yells out to Bree,


Bree immediately stops talking. She looks up from her hands and glares at Drake. “What?” she mutters.

I said SHUT UP!” Lucky me. I'm stuck in the middle. Literally. Drake's on one side fuming and Bree's on the other muttering inaudible words to herself. 

I don't know why YOU are here.” Bree suddenly speaks up to Drake.

Oh really? I'm here to protect you imbeciles from killing yourselves from something you obviously don't know how evil it IS!”

Bree stands up, I hold her back from lunging at him. “ You don't know squat about us! And don't call us imbeciles! If there's a imbecile here, it's you! You're always following us and watching us and...and...” Bree's entire face has gone red from anger.

I only follow you to pro-”

Don't you dare say that because it is SO not true, right Vanessa?” Bree looks down at me. I start to stutter non-words. Unable to think of anything to say. So Bree continues on.

All you've done is stalk us, laugh at us and ANNOY us. I'm sick and tired of you Drake Jones. I hate your filthy guts! You're a stupid, ugly LIAR!”

I'm holding back Drake now too. “ Don't you dare call me a liar! If there's a liar here, it's you! And You Vanessa,” He points at Bree then me. I suddenly want to shrink down until they can't see me anymore.

They are now yelling at each other, interrupting their own sentences. Their words combine into nonsense babble and till I can not understand either one of them.


They both scream my name, then they walk away. I'm left alone. In the pouring rain. I start to laugh quietly. Soon I can't contain it any longer, and I burst into an explosion of giggles. It hurts so much, tears come to my eyes. I still laugh. They are fighting over something so insignificant, it's hilarious. But before I could continue my hysterical laughter, a dark fog surrounds me. I feel like I'm suffocating. Unable to breath, the cloud engulf around my body, closing around my neck tightly like vines, until I can't get out. I struggle against it. It's smoke for god sakes, I should be able to get out of a simple gas in the air, shouldn't I?

The smoke thickness around my eyes. I can't see but I feel the smoke taking me someplace else. I float away from the park, twilight taking in zone. My lungs are burning, I need oxygen.

I black out in a matter of minutes, only to awake in a dark chamber. Alone. “Hello?” My voice is horsed from the lack of oxygen. My eyes flutter until I see something move in the shadows. “Hello Vanessa Den.” Says an all to familiar voice.

The End

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