Drake Jones:


I walked down the recognizable street on which Vanessa lived on. I haven't been out in daylight in such a long time. Mostly I have been lurking behind bushes, watching over Vanessa and Bree lately. They needed all the protection they've got to keep themselves alive now that this is happening. Luckily they have me. I smiled smugly to myself as I walked up the rock pathway to Vanessa's door. I heard someone running towards the door in a hurry. When I hear them unlocking the door, Vanessa's head shows up. She looks exactly the same, just a little more grown up. She also got a haircut.

Before I could say anything about it though, she screams and slams the door in my face. I stand there for a second, flabbergasted from the sudden response. I sigh and knock on the door.

“Hello? Vanessa? It's me. Drake Jones. You know. Your friend?!” I pound my fist at the door just when I hear her come back. I take a deep breath, hoping she hasn't gone mental when she opens the door the entire way. But somethings different. She has a malicious half smile playing on her lips and her eyes were completely black. “ Va-Vanessa?” I stuttered as I backed away from her. She stalked towards me, the odd expression glued to her face. Suddenly, she throws a fist at my head. Luckily I duck out of the way, but then she trips me. I quickly get back on my feet, only to get punched in the eye. I yell out in pain as Vanessa comes at me again, kicking me in the stomach. I instantly can't breath from being winded. I fall to the ground as Vanessa starts to laugh. But it doesn't sound like hers. It sounds deep, mocking...


She knells down to me as tears of pain sting my eyes. Her eyes completely black so I can't read them. In the same mocking voice she now uptakes she sneers, “ Welcome back Drake. Make your self comfortable, 'Cause it won't last long. Say goodbye, FOR GOOD!” She yelled the last part then started laughing at my face. I couldn't help but lift my leg and side kick her in the face. I watch silently as her eyes becoming white again, the black shrinking into her pupils and she crying out in pain. “ OW! What the...” She then looks at me with wide eyes. Before she could say anything I jump to my feet.

It was my turn to scream and run away.

The End

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