Back from the dead.


Bree Williams:


The rain was pounding hard on the concrete as I walked alone under my black umbrella. I glanced around nervously. It's been a week since my last vision. It was the same one. Me and Vanessa have tried to decode the message in it but all we got is that someone's going to go missing, someone we both know and love. Most of the week I have been unable to go to sleep; to afraid to see what might happen. So I stayed up all night either reading different types of books or watching television. It was kind of hard during the night but during the day I REALLY felt the sleep invading my thoughts as I shuffled through the streets every day. The bags under my eyes started getting darker by each passing day.

I started losing my vision again. Black spots flew in random places in front of my eyes. Suddenly the vision played again in my head. A few minutes later, I was back on the street, and a rustling came from behind me. I had enough of this. I stared at the shadows, imagining something evil hiding there. I concentrate on the shadows then flew my eyes to a near by tree. Automatically a figure in a black cloak came crashing to the tree in a scream. I focused my powers to the figure, gluing him to the trunk. Perfect, he was stuck. I stalked my way to the figure, a satisfied evil grin plastered on my face.

“ Time to see who you are.” I muttered to him. I reached to his cloak, ripped it off and gasped.

The guy looked vaguely familiar. He had a mop of blond hair on his head, pale skin, freckles, askew glasses hanging off his nose. He looked up and smiled.

It was Drake Jones. And he was supposed to be dead.

“Holy crap!” I yelled to myself. Drake gazed at me with a hopeful twinkle somewhere in his eyes. I clasped a hand over my mouth. Step forward to him. Only for a moment I stood there, staring at him before slapping him.

“Ow! What was that for Bree?” wined a hurt Drake. I rolled my eyes, my signature move apparently. Oh so says Vanessa. I sighed. “ What the hell are you doing here Drake? I thought you were dead! I mean, I saw you die! You were stabbed in the back, it sliced through your heart and you fell to the ground bleeding. So please, PLEASE explain what the heck are you doing here?”

Drake laughed with no humor. He looked down at the ground; his legs were about three feet above.

“You won't believe this...” He wouldn't meet my eyes. I crossed my arms and started tapping my foot, waiting. “Okay, vampires heal easily. The only way we can die is if you either burn me or feed me dead blood.” He finally looked up and grinned. God this guy likes to smile.

I sighed one last time before letting him go from the tree. He fell like a rock in water. Drake hit the ground with a loud THUD! And got up, brushed his jeans off and started to walk away from the street.

“Now where are you going?” I called to him. He looked back. “ Where do you think? I'm going to tell Vanessa I'm still alive.”

The End

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