Vanessa Den:


It's me and Bree sitting on some swings, scratched up all over our arms, talking about what happened yesterday. It's been an hour but we still have no clue whats happening. Theres an awkward silence all of a sudden, so I start to swing. And I continue to swing. Never stopping. Bree catches up quickly, matching my pace easily. We don't talk. We swing.

Then I hear the shuddering of some bushes behind us. I flip my head around to see black cloth hanging from a branch. My heart skips a beat as I jump off my swing and make my way to the bush. The sun was burning up my neck as I looked down at the cloth. I waited a moment before slowly removing the black fabric safely from the pointy branch. I carry it to Bree, who's now staring at me with a confused look in her eyes. I sit back down on my swing before throwing the cloth at her. Then I start swinging again.

All of last year, me and Bree looked for distractions, hoping they would take our minds off the Night Watcher. Some of them worked whilst others did currently not help at all. Like Drake Jones. The annoying boy who thought he was a vampire prince. We had some words but forgave each other quickly, but then Bree tripped over a rock and got a nasty cut on her knee.

Drake bent down to help her up but ended up almost sucking her dry if it wasn't for the Night Watcher, who came out from the shadows and killed Drake right in front of us. We screamed and ran away naturally. But Drake was forever lost; the police couldn't find him which I find quiet stupid of them for Drake was lying dead on the pavement behind the school. It was too easy, but I guess the local police DID had other things to worry about. Like the mysterious kidnaps and deaths...

Bree brought me back from my mind babble from a loud gasp. “ You don't think....” her voice trailed off in a high squeak.

The Night Watcher might very well be back.

The End

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