Familiar visions.

Bree Williams:


It's around 4:30 and I'm looking out the window to the pretty scene playing outside. The wind is picking up colorful leaves from my front lawn, swaying them gracefully from the gentle breeze. The sun is struggling to show some light, trying to break free from the clouds in front of it, but to no avail, It does not work.

I laugh to myself when suddenly my sight is penetrated. Suddenly it's very black, and I am blind. Oh no. I was having a vision. My laughter instantly died away. But before I could think more of it, The image plays in my mind.

Of course it starts out of me walking in a forest in the pouring rain, but this one is different. The forest I mean. It's mangled trees twin in together at the top. It also looked darker. Scarier. But I'm still stumbling among the new surrounding, then I finally notice. I am crying. Sobbing. I look immensely scared for someone. Or is it myself?

No. Because, if it was, I would have been running at top speed. Trying to get away for the evil thing that had chooses to kill me.

I continued to walk through the trees when I gasp. I see an odd shape. Two actually. One of them is pulling the other one by it's shirt and the other one is trying to lose it's grasp of the man. However before I could see more of the kidnapping, they turn the corner and disappear. I crumple to the ground, reaching out for the person. I whisper their name, but I can not hear it since It's barley a whisper.

I lie on the forest floor, crying over the person I lost.

The vision disintegrates and I'm back in my living room. Oh god. Why the hell did THAT come out? I mean, me and Vanessa got rid of it a long time ago...so why am I having them again.

I thought they be gone along with the Night Watcher.

Suddenly Vanessa's number shows up as my phone vibrates. I answer it quickly with a “ Hey V, You feel that too?”

“Yeah I do. I just had the most excruciating pain! Why do you think it is?”

I don't answer 'cause...truth be told. I don't really know.


The End

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