Just as Bree Williams and Vanessa Den think they have gotten ridden of the fore shaken demon that has haunted them for a fortnight, mysterious fires have been lite, killings to innocent children and lost of electricity all over the town lead to one thing. The Night Watcher is back, and is ready to be revenged. **note to reader: only Belerama and Mclovin have permission to post a new chapter for this story. We are extremely sorry but we are a team.**


Vanessa Den:


I'm walking along a pathway of dirt, just outside some old apartments. The leaves are finally turning a pretty orange, some even lemon yellow. It's fall, my favorite part of the year. First off, I love the rain, so there's plenty of that. Second, the leaves are so beautiful, I just want to take hundreds, no, thousands of pictures of them and hung them in my room so I'll have a piece of the fall with me all the time. I laugh to myself. Thirdly: I LOVE Halloween.

Yes, I will admit that I am turning fourteen and probably shouldn't be still into such childish things, but come on! The spirit of Halloween fills me up with happiness, the smell of fresh candy fills every street the closer it comes and the air is filled with excitement. There is that, but I also like scaring little kids.

I pass some of my old classmates from my elementary school and I wave back with a small smile. My sleeve from my warm jacket pulls up and reviles an old scar from last year. It reads "NW" on the palm of my hand. You see, e and my best friend, Bree Williams, were in a big problem then. So big, we ended up in a hospital for a while.

However that's behind us now, for the problem is dealt with and we are very happy with our lives. I mean, we're in high school now! And it's so good not to be having any feelings now. For, my feelings were stronger then any other teenage girl; I have clairsentience. A powerful gift that allows me to feel whenever something bad will happen, and how do I know this? Because it involves a lot of pain along with a some uncomfortable nausea and dizziness. So now you see how I am celebrating.

 But before I could continue to feel hopeful, a familiar spasm of pain intakes in the pit of my stomach. I stagger backwards, clenching my coat. It becomes very confusing all of a sudden. Oh no. Some thing's up.

And it is definitely not good.

I grimace as I remove on hand from my other and quickly grab a hold of my cell phone. I have Bree on speed dial, since last year my pains were happening a lot. I press in her number and wait. She answers on the first ring. “ Hey V, you feel that too?”

The End

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