His corpse fell to the cold warehouse floor that was covered in so much blood of all the others, I'd lost count of how many I had killed. When the rifles and pistols had ran dry and the floor was awash with gore and bullet casings I resorted to my knife for my last kill. So much more personal and meaningful, and I hope he felt that on his way to Hell.

The bloodied and flayed corpse I held in my arms was not the shy and beautiful girl I had first laid eyes on that coast of gold; I cradled a horrible parody of her former self. The pure beauty in a world so ugly and black.

The criss cross scares took away that once pale and unblemished skin that had reminded me of the full moon over Twilight Bay the three of us had shared so many times. Cold yet still warm and comforting just like herself.

I could still smell the agony in the air mixed with the thickness of blood and fear. Long gone was her smell that was of Autumn leaves burning. A small I associated with innocence and childhood sweetness.

Those green eyes, so unlike mine. As warm as the grass on a summer field. Now they were as cold and dead as vegetable mould.

Her skin was blood red as her name, only the blackness of her hair remained.

I knew, I knew I couldn't of saved them. For everything I had ever accomplished I knew this was how it would end. I could have done nothing to save them except get my hands around the Creator himself. Every moment had lead to this, every decision every move I had ever acted out bared siginificance to their deaths.

Fate cannot be outwitted nor defeated. A master of my own but not of theirs.

The boy, silent now, fighting till the very end. I knew he'd called her name. Their hands entwined in those final moments, wishing themselves back into the record store or drinking espresso in Hallowed Ground back home in Twilight Bay.

The boy, Jim, more braver than he ever knew.More fire in his veins than all of Hades should anything harm that which he loved.

And yes, he did love her. I see that now, and in those final moments I think she knew. I think she'd maybe known all the long but sadly they only realised that love in their final moments

Friends is not a word that I use nor did I ever understand. Somthing I did understand though;

I am every shot fired in anger, every untimely death, every failed dream, every unmarked mass grave, every aborted infant, every rape, ever abused and wretched human soul clawing it's way through the dirt to survive in the wake of others.

I am the reaction to all those actions you caused, I have come to end it all. There is no Alpha; only the Omega and what I do now I do it for Poppy and James.


The End

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