Revenge, then forgiveness

A mixture of my feelings of various themes: the "Death and the maiden", which is related to amnesty in Chile, and forgiving or taking revenge. Also, the "Allegory of the cave" which is symbolizes many enigmas in our world, and finally the disregarding of how children can be affected by their parent's actions: divortion, orphan children, family wars, etc.
This story is already edited, by my english teacher, hahaha.

She would never learn to forgive. Not in this case, particularly. He had destroyed her completely just as if she was brittle glass that used to be so sturdy at the very beginning of their innocent romance. My role is partly irrelevant to what had happened, however, I was gravely affected by this. Her name was Kora, Greek name defined as “Maiden”. Coincidently, I thought that she should have never married anyone. Kora was pure, clear as crystal and so humble. She was meant to be a maiden.

In her early twenties she had to marry Conan for economic reasons. He, a selfish man, was planning nothing less but to torture her. A part from abolishing her dreams of studying language in the United States – he took her far away to Chile-, he cheated on her. Over and over again, repeatedly, he would date millions of girls. Girls who were so young in comparison; vulgar and grotesque, I know. That would happen even before I existed and I know this because Tony, their first son, told me. Even so now, Conan, a middle aged man, has two families and who knows maybe he has more. He is still married with Kora and has three beautiful children with her, but cruelly had two children with a twenty year old woman.

This is, for me, very similar to the “Death and the maiden”, a play written by Ariel Dorfman. This play is situated after a harsh fascist period in Chile. Now in democracy, the play in focused on a couple who suffered during fascism. Paulina was tortured sexually and physically by doctor Miranda. Paulina showed no forgiveness. And even after 15 years of democracy, she still remembered doctor Miranda and wanted nothing more than sweet revenge. Kora, in this case is Paulina and Conan is Doctor Miranda. She will never forgive him unless there would be justice and therefore: vengeance.

Conan is now planning to leave Kora to be with the other woman. If you ask why he is willing to leave his family including his three children, then I will agreeably tell you why. He might not be a good husband but he is a man with a fond love towards his children. But he had no other option. Kora would remind him about his faults every day. She was willing to start a fight every time they saw each other. The problem about this is that she would never stop until she gets her revenge. He was devastated to know that the best option was to get divorced and move far away from his “oh-so-loved children”.

He was such a good father, that he was not brave enough to leave the other family. The woman with twenty years was too lazy to work; asked him for money every week. He was trapped in his own guilt. Conan had to maintain her equally and it was definitely a pain in the back. If I was god, I would use my enormous fingers to lift him up and save him. I would help him go back in time so that he would remake his own future with no silly mistakes. I know that he has been a mean person, and it is a disgusting to know that he actually committed many sins. He didn’t just commit lust, but he would physically hurt Kora and also he would steal money from her to give it to his mistress. But in some way, I still feel sorry for him.

You might be wondering why I am being so fair with both of them. Why am I being just with Conan, when he has been committing so many crimes? Why am I supporting Kora, when she has been tormenting Conan with his mistakes every single day?  Because in some extent both; forgiving and avenging have good but also bad characteristics. If you pardon someone you are giving that person a second chance. But what if that person really deserves it? Should you still punish? The real reason of why I am so unbiased about this case is because they are my parents. They are my lovely but chaotic parents.

My name is Rheia and I am the third and last daughter of Kora and Conan. I have merely twelve years old and I had the infortune to know this ugly truth at my young age. I have been all my life thinking that my family was perfect, thinking that family fights were normal, and thinking that both of my parents were the coolest in the entire planet. But now I learned that everyone has something to hide; a mistake, a fault.

Every day of my life I would listen to them fighting. I still remember the scene where my father raised his hand, high in the air and hit with great strength my mother’s beautiful rouge cheeks. Tony would come and defend her. Tony, with 19 years old would shout and scream and beat my father with ferocity. He could not accept to see her mother being injured like that. My lovely brother would go out to the garden and start hitting the wall with his fists; his wounded knuckles with dripping blood and massive bruises. I would lock myself inside my closet and cry. Cry my life out and just yell at the top of my lungs. That was, in fact, my hiding place; my favourite place in the whole house. My house was quite large; two floors and about eight hundred meters square with two large gardens. My door was crushed and pieces of wood were scattered around the floor. “Tony has been here” was the first thought that came through my mind. My dear brother would destroy everything. Even though I know his quiet nature, his calm and wise personality, I knew that he had a beast trapped inside of him. Nevertheless, I would love him with all of my tragic life. He was my saviour, my inspiration; he would always teach me lessons. He was my father’s replacement.

Knowing this secret –that my father had another family- makes me feel so obscure, I feel deceived, with so much sorrow. The world is not as bright as children of my age think so; so many secrets and even enigmas between familiars and friends. I feel betrayed and lost. And yet I still have to solve this dilemma. Which of my idolized, much-loved parents are right? Have they been teaching me the wrong things? How do I know that they are not just liars?

I stopped reflecting about this and woke from my daydreams. I stood up and found myself facing the lit and warm fireplace. In my hands there was a thick book. I turned it around and it was titled “Jane Eyre” written by Charlotte Brontë. Maybe I fell asleep while reading it. I found many difficult and archaic words in this book that I could not understand well what was happening in the story. The only thing I know is that Jane Eyre was an orphan who had to live with her aunt; the stereotypical story of the mean aunt and cruel cousins. I actually liked the plot. Jane finally had the opportunity to obtain education and to live in a healthier environment. However I remembered that Miss Eyre was not going to forgive her aunt. I remember her saying that she would defame her aunt at school.

Then I finally got it clear. I came to the conclusion that both of my parents are complete morons. I will not accept such failure from them; especially because they have been lying to me for the past twelve years of my life. They should have never thought of getting married. Such a womanizer like my dad should have never thought of getting married. But then again, should I forgive them? Or should I just hate them for the rest of my life? What I need is the perfect balance between forgiveness and vengeance. However there is no actual balance between them. Either pardoning or avenging is the key, but there is no such thing as the perfect equilibrium of both of them. I lastly thought that what they really needed was a trauma that would make them reflect about their actions. Hence, I am clearly planning to make them both repent, but remembering my so affectionate love to them.  I should, therefore, take revenge, and then forgive.

The End

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