Ch2. Prologue continued


“Good evening Sen, how did you know I was at the door?”

“I was just relaxing in the bathtub before you came, and I heard some shuffling outside. Why?”

“No matter, its just that you opened the door as I was about to knock. Kind of took me by surprise. Anyways, I wont bother you further, since I just wanted to remind you that the rent was due by the end of this week.”

Sporting a toothy grin and a balding head, Craig was a simple man. He collected rent on the first week of every month, and if you hadn't paid up by the second week, you were no longer a tenant. There were no exceptions.

If I were you, I'd punch his lights out and tell him to mind his own business. Rent that's soaring above market value obviously doesn't get paid on time, if ever. Sugar, you still haven't shown me a good time yet.

“Of course. Thanks for the reminder, Craig.”

I'd love to see the scarlet fountain of youth spew from his nose. Greedy snob, I'd watch my back if I were you."

I didn't ask for your input.

I was joking.

After closing the door, Sen leaned heavily against the wall in a slump and sighed heavily.

We need to get that money back by any means necessary. If we don't, I 'll be on the streets next week, not to mention I wont have a hope of paying off my tuition.

Sen, I want you to listen to me very carefully. True revenge doesn't come easily, and you must be willing to be patient. It will be better that we not attempt to take the money back from them. We should consider other means.

You've got to be joking.

The fact that I'm in your head means that I have access to exactly the same kind of information you do. I'm talking about the Platform. You and me. On second thought, its really just you. I don't know what processes you employ to create it.

Didn't you just say you had access to exactly the same kinds of things I know?

Yes and no. I know about all the events that you have experienced. Therefore, I can deduce what you are capable of. On the other hand, I am clueless about the raw facts and concepts that you use to create an item.

Do explain yourself.

If you had knit a sweater in the past week, I would know you actually did make the sweater. However, I would not know how you weave the knots that comprise of that lovely sweater, except that you used your metal twigs to make it. You and I both know you can create the Platform.

Even if I could get past the bank's security algorithms, I'm not stooping to that level. If you have access to my memories, you should know about the time I got busted for the fake driver's licences.

Flawlessly photoshopped and mounted, I dare say. You're just upset that you'll be stealing from actual people. Don't forget the government will take the hit for the lost money, not the people. Its your choice – dough you don't take will be lost in another scandal anyways.

Don't compare me with those corrupt pigs.

Of course. You'll be beating the pigs to the cornmeal. As I always say, desperate times call for desperate --

What about revenge?

You know where their hangout is. Its time for me to see some action.

I don't follow.

Since you don't need to get your money back from them anymore, give them some TnT.

If you're thinking of going down that road, TnTs aren't going to cut it. You need something of a much larger magnitude. We have one chance, and if we blow it, my corpse will be found in the secluded wilderness. I won't even have time to cut my arteries in the washroom this time.

What are you waiting for? Buy that nitrous oxide.

What did you say your name was again?


Well, Timaeus, you're wrong about the rent. It's set at market value, but the low supply in the city causes the prices to shoot through the roof. Why don't you know this simple concept? Right, I forgot you only have access to part of my brain. Thank goodness.

The End

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