Socks may not be as innocent as they're cut out to be.

            Evil laughter came from all sides of the night, hollers and screams came up from what sounded like a large crowd as the sounds advanced, nearer and nearer, towards Wilkes Barre. Lit torches flickered, and thunder rumbled from the distance. The occasional strike of lightning would flash, revealing the crowd, but not long enough for anyone to figure out who, or what, they were.

            The leader of this crowd looked far different from the rest of his army. This leader, this different being, was covered with orange and blue diamond shapes, and was pitch black. The sign of leadership, this was. None but the destined leader of the army had this design, this way of destiny. The rest of the army were all to be white and gray; the sign of a commoner. 

            Their speech wasn’t understandable to humans, or rather, anyone other than them. To us…They’re silent, never to speak. But what we didn’t know was that they were capable of speaking. They were capable of many things we thought they could not do.


Prepare yourself, human. For this may be….

The last thing you ever read.


Never doubt innocent things in life.

The End

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