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A script in story form for my independent study at school, I figured I could get double the mileage if I posted it to Protagonize. I hope you enjoy!

"They're gonna kill him!"




Alexander Rodriguez stared in horror as his last comrade fell to the ground, defeated. On his half of the t.v. screen "Defeat" flashed in big red letters. On the opposite side of the screen, Craig Natoli's side, "Victory!" appeared in blue.

"That was a glitch and you know it!" Alex accused. "You had fewer guys on the field... we couldn't find anyone to kill... that's the only reason you won."

"Or I'm just better than you..." Craig said with a mocking grin.

"Yeah whatever... I want a re-"


Craig went for his cellphone and glanced at the screen. He started to put it away, then stopped did a double take.

"Something wrong?" Alex asked. "Who's calling?"

"It's...It's my brother... I should probably take this."

"Alright... hey while you're up, do you mind grabbing another game?"

"Not at all!" Craig stood and walked down the hallway of the Rodriguez household, turned the corner, and found himself in Alex's room. He thumbed the "Accept Call" button on his phone and cut the speaker off before he could get out a word.

"Are you crazy? He was sitting right next to me! Could this not wai-"

"I suggest a quick change in tone." said a deep familiar voice. "You are replaceable and you know it. The call was worth the risk. If you are in position, we need you to find the flash-drive."

"He's already a bit suspicious. I wouldn't want to-"

"Your wants are irrelevant to the matter. Find the flash-drive, bring it back. Is that clear?"

"Yes... my master."

"The others are on their way. Do not fail me."

Craig, already in Alex's room, pawed through his stuff. He searched the dresser, the bookshelf, and was getting ready to head back out so Alex wouldn't wonder what he was doing, when he saw the small 4 drawer organizer. It was covered with small mismatched pieces of technology. A working PDA, two dusty older PDAs, a charging station, an Ipod... and a small silver flash-drive.

Craig smiled. Mission accomplished he thought.

He stared at the small plastic piece for a moment before a loud "CRAIG!" ripped him back to reality. He pocketed the flash drive, and ran out to the kitchen.


After Craig had left to make his call, Alex waited on the couch. A few seconds later, the back door to the porch opened. Looking behind him to identify the new arrival, Alex was surprised to see... Craig.

In a different set of clothes.

"Whoa! You were in my room! How did you get to the porch so fa-"

Again the door opened, cutting Alex off. The next guest was a tall tan male with a green hoodie.

It was Alex. Another Alex.

The intruders slowly reached up and lowered their hoods, en masse. They shared a malevolent grin as Alex slowly backed around the couch and grabbed at the coffee table for a weapon... anything... his fingers closed around something heavy...

"You've caught me a bit unprepared I'm afraid..." Alex greeted and snatched a glance at his weapon... a candlestick.

He was outnumbered, weaponless, and cornered. Only one thing to do.


His friend came running down the hall just as the door leading to the basement opened to reveal... another Craig.

"Wrong floor." The imposter Craig said as he shut the door. The real Craig looked at Alex, then at the clones, then back at Alex.

"You take that one" Alex ordered. "I'll deal with these tw-"

The clones were gone.

First priority: weapon.

His main lightsaber was all the way in his room. He didn't want to go into an even more confined space. Walking over to one of the bookshelf/cabinet things, Alex threw open the door, moved a few photo albums, and let out a sigh of relief. His backup was there.

Time to play hide and seek.


Thump Thump Thump Thump

Craig ran down the stairs and threw open the basement door. Across the garage Craig caught a glimpse of his clone dashing out the door. Craig reached for his lightsaber, skirted the parked blue van, and charged out the door. Into another clone. An Alex clone.

Craig ignited his saber and slashed at the clone, who ducked the swing and ran down the driveway towards the road.Craig was in hot pursuit. He yelled, put his energy into a leap, and swung for the clone before he could reach the street. The clone parried and retaliated with a cut, spin, and cut. Craig blocked both and dropped into a defensive stance. The evil Alex sneered at him, closed his lightsaber, and took a step back.

That was when Craig heard the garage door open and the van engine rumble to life.


No one behind the couch. No one behind the chair. Where else is there to hide in the living room? Alex wondered. His eyes fell on the closet.


Alex crossed the room, placed a hand on the door.


Alex spun. A frame had fallen off the shelf/cupboard that held the microwave. There wasn't much space behind it... but someone might be able to fit back there. Alex cautiously approached the piece of furniture. He steeled himself and then jumped around the corner and swung at-


"Well I'm stupid" Alex commented. He closed down his lightsaber and went down the hallway to search his room. As he left, the closet door opened and Alex's first clone peeked out. When he deemed the area clear, he opened to the door to the balcony, walked out, and waited.

Alex heard rustling in his room, and he picked his pace up to a run. He charged in and saw the closet door folding shut. He grinned, readied his lightsaber, and threw the door open.

There was no one there.

Alex spun around, checked the closet again, and walked left, shaking his head as he did so. He didn't notice the dark shape of the blanket on his loft bed materialize into the shaggy head of Craig's clone.

Alex sat down at the kitchen table and put his head in hands.

"I do believe I'm going crazy." He told himself. "Talking to myself isn't necessarily crazy... not until I answer back."

"You're not a very good detective."

Alex stumbled to his feet, lightsaber already in hand.

"So I haven't imagined this whole thing. I'm not sure if that makes me feel better or not."

The evil Craig shifted and then leapt without warning. Alex anticipated the move and stepped to the side, allowing the clone to barrel past him. The clone turned back around and ignited his lightsaber. THen he launched into a series of complex manouvers, and Alex, realizing that he was grossly undermatched started to back up slowly.

He didn't realize he was being corralled until his back hit the door to the balcony. The clone brought his lightsaber around and without hesitation Alex opened the first door, and then proceed to open the screen door. Through the screen door he saw his own clone waiting for him.

Raising a hand, Alex used the force to throw his clone over the edge of the balcony.

If only all my fights could be that easy. He thought. Craig's clone came threw the door mere seconds after Alex, and the two of them faced off. They traded a few strikes until they found themselves in a saber lock. Alex held his own, then pushed down hard on the imposter's weapon. As the clone stumbled forward, Alex stepped around and guided the evil Craig's head into the balcony railing.

The clone dropped to the ground and as Alex walked forward to deal the final blow, he could have sworn he heard the garage door opening. He dismissed it though. Craig could handle himself.


As Craig watched, the Rodrgiuez's blue van rumbled out of the garage and started down the long straight strip towards him.

Craig looked behind him at the Alex clone, who was standing cockily, with his arms crossed. He turned back to the van, closed his lightsaber, and then did the craziest thing he could think of.

He ran towards it.

The Craig clone at the wheel of the van grinned in anticipation and pushed down on the pedal. At the last possible second, Craig leapt.

He landed on the hood, scrambled up the windshield, and slowly crawled over the top of the van. Once he reached the back, he simply stepped off, and landed on the ground in a crouch.

The van didn't slow, and the meaty thud was all Craig needed to hear to know that the Alex clone, was no longer an issue.

He strode down the driveway and looked at the balcony. Alex was engaged in a battle with the other Craig clone. The THe other Alex clone was lurking underneath the balcony, waiting for Alex to jump down. Craig made a throwing motion with his hand and sent the Alex clone into a collision with a balcony pillar.



Alex stood over the sprawled Craig clone. He twirled his lightsaber in his hand, and then started to stab down and finish the job. He was stopped by the sound of the Craig clone laughing. Alex looked at the clone's face. The clone looked down at his own feet and grinned again. Alex looked down to see the imposter's foot... right between his own two legs.

Alex leapt back as the clone kicked. Using the momentum of the kick, the clone jumped to his feet with a slash that Alex narrowly sidestepped. Alex swung overhead, and was met with the clone's block. The clone shoved alex to the side then swung. Alex leaned back and watched the lightsaber pass through the space which his neck had just vacated.

Alex swung once, twice, and then blocked as Craig's double swung back. The clone stepped back and then swung down. Alex ducked and stepped forward, dodging the fatal blow. He spun and stabbed with his lightsaber, and was deflected as the clone spun as well. The two glared and then stabbed at the same time. For a few seconds, both of them stared. Then the clone's angry leer faded to one of surprise. He looked down to see Alex's lightsaber in his chest.

The clone sank to his knees, and collapsed. He gave a last breath, let his lightsaber roll out of his hand, then started to fade. Alex watched with interest and then checked over the over the balcony to look for his second clone. His second clone was nowhere to be seen.

Perhaps he was killed too, and then faded... Alex thought. He stooped down to pickup the fallen clone's lightsaber, and stared at it for a second.


He looked up at Craig, who pointed towards the hill behind Alex's house. Alex smiled, nodded, and vaulted over the balcony. The two met up behind the house and started running up the hill and into the tall grass.

The two surviving clones weren't far behind.

Alex was hit with a startling realization. The clones were dressed in the garb that Craig and Alex himself had worn during their previous short action films.

Had those characters been brought to life?

There was no more time to ponder the thought, as Craig had broken off to take the clone Alex, and left the Craig double for him. It was an even fight. Alex couldn't shake the feeling that this whole battle had some familiarity to it. The clone swung and Alex blocked and held, turning the swing into a saber lock. Alex looked over his adversary's shoulder as his friend was overwhelmed.

The Alex clone brought his hilt into Craig's chin, and then his forehead. Craig fell and the Alex clone brought his lightsaber down.

Just then, the Craig clone broke the saber lock, backhanded Alex, and watched as Alex also fell to the ground. Alex scrambled back, trying to escape, but realized that it was futile. The Craig clone's eyes sparkled. His face seemed to gloat.

The imposter brought his lightsaber up, and swung down with a blow that would end Alex's life.

"AHHHHH!!!" screamed the clone. Alex opened his eyes to see the clone in the act of swinging... but now the clone had a blade of light in his chest. The clone fell to the ground and revealed Alex's savior.

"Craig? You didn- I mean I saw yo-... He... He didn't kill you?"

"What is the point of filming all those videos, and practicing all the choreography, if we can't defend ourselves against... well... ourselves?"

Alex laughed. Craig did too. It went on for a long time. Then, as it died, Craig helped Alex up and the two made their way back to the house. Craig let Alex take the lead as he pulled out his cellphone and sent a text.

Incursion defeated. I have his trust, and more importantly I have the flash drive.

Craig waited. Both he and Alex had made it to the house, when Craig's cellphone vibrated. He read it as he walked up the stairs from the basement to the kitchen.

Good. We have reason to believe that the flash drive is protected by a 4-digit password. Extract the password from the target.

Craig thought for a moment. Then he sighed. Loudly.

"What's wrong?" Alex asked.

"Huh? oh... it's nothing. Its just... someone stole my password... and all my web accounts have the same one."

"Ahh that sucks... I do the same thing... most of my passwords are the same too."

"Yeah... this one was SM1924."

"Yeah? My signature password is robotech. It's the name of my favorite T.V. show. It aired back in the 80s... I have all the dvds."

"Right... I think I knew that... Im glad this guy didn't steal my ipod password. I have some personal stuff on there."

"Which type of password do you have?"

"The four digit number one."

"Me too. I use the same 4 digit password too. I'm not very smart in that respect."

Craig took a deep breath then asked the final question. "Would I happen to know this one too?"

Alex looked at Craig for a moment, "You should..." Then he smiled. "It's our AP classes favorite year in history."

Craig waited.

"1767 remember?"

Oh. DUH. Craig thought. Then he laughed. "Oh! That's right! I remember that!"

Alex headed for his room, but Craig stayed behind in the kitchen, and sent another text.

Password is 1767.

Less then a minute later he received a follow up text.

Good. Now kill him.

"With pleasure" Craig said. He quietly walked into Alex's room, where Alex was fiddling with a rubiks cube. Alex's lightsaber was on the floor next to him.

Alex loved rubiks cubes. He could solve them in less than 3 minutes. As Craig walked in the room, he had just finished solving the final side. He turned it over in his hands a few times, then noticed some writing on the white side. There was one letter on each of the first eaight squares with an exclamation point on the filling in the last square. Alex looked closer to read it:


Alex dropped the cube as a lightsaber ignited behind him. He spun and saw Craig getting ready to swing.

"Craig. No. What's going on?"

"You;ve outlived your usefullness to my master. Your plan has failed."

"Plan? What plan? If you're going to kill me, at least tell me the details!!!"

"I've watched just as many sci-fi movies as you Alex. You're going to have to die disappointed."

The lightsaber came down.

And stopped.

And closed.

And fell to the ground.

Craig's body followed soon after.

Another Craig, this one in a red a shirt with the words "Don't Taze Me Bro!" and a picture of Darth Sidious using force lightning on Luke Skywalker.

Alex looked up and spoke cautiously.

"Are you... on my side?"


"Were these clones from our movies?"


"Then which one are you from?"

"I'm from a movie that you haven't made yet. A movie that these goons don't want you to film."

"Why not?"

"I can't tell you."

"No. It doesn't work like that in real life Spock. Details. Now."

"For the moment all the details you need to know are that I'm on your side. Now grab your weapon and lets go."

"To where?"

"To rescue Craig."

"Ummm... you just killed him."

"No. The real Craig. He's been taken captive by the man who sent these attackers."

"Do you know who that is?"


"Can you tell me?"

"You'll find out in due time. You won't like the answer I'm afraid."

"In one thing you haven't changed my dear friend... you still speak in riddles."

"I appreciate the Lord of the Rings reference Alex, but we really have to go."

With a sigh, Alex stepped forward, "Fine. I'm trusting you."

"That's all I can ask."


A few minutes later.

Help me. I'm wounded. But I still have the flash drive.

With a trembling hand, the imposter Craig hit the send button, and he waited.

When a car rattled in the driveway, the evil Craig thanked his lucky stars. His boss walked into the room.

"Where is the flash drive?"

"In my pocket. Are  you going to save me?"

The boss knelt by the clone, and fished the flash-drive out of his pocket. Then he stood and started to leave.


"I am no longer your master."

"What? Why not?" the clone asked, and he started to whimper.

"Stop your sniveling. You failed me. I do not forgive failure."

"No. Don't leave me. Please!"

The master stopped in the doorway and turned. "You want me to help you?"

"Yes. I won't fail again. I promise. I'm sorry. I'm sor-"

The master raised a hand and made a choking gesture.

"Apology accepted. Allow me to help you pass more quickly."

The clone's groveling was cut off along with his supply of air. After a minute he clone stopped moving.

The phone rang. The master looked around the house to make sure it was empty, then reached for the handset, and turned it on.

"Hello, Mr. Rodriguez speaking."

The End

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