Chapter SevenMature

Elliott and Josh were already asleep in their tent as me, Kobie, Lewis and Kelvin sat in the small circle of space in the middle of the tents. We were circled around a small fire we’d created with a few sticks and a lighter and had been talking for a good half hour now until a full conversation had formed.

“so Kobie what are you into?” Lewis asked

“oh not a lot really, I love taking photo’s and am working towards being a photographer but I also have a passion for music” she replied. At this point Kelvin’s ears pricked up and looked at her, just as mine did too.

“really? Me and Caleb make music all the time, we’re always coming up with different beats” he said

“oh wow, yeah me too it’s kind of like a hobby on the side of photography. I’ve been singing since I was 13 so I just love music so much” she said quietly “life without music doesn’t exist” 

“yeah I agree, your pretty real aint you” Kelvin replied as I stayed silent and just listened.

“well I just don’t like to follow the crowd or try and ‘fit’ in. I just enjoy being me I guess, I was given these shoes to walk in and imma walk in them” she replied with a soft laugh. Kelvin’s eyes glistened and he looked as if he’d just seen an angel

“so what do you do Caleb? I still don’t know much about you and your background life, where did you grow up?” she asked me. I sat up a bit and Lewis looked at me and stared right into my eyes. Kelvin looked at me too.

“well there’s not much to know really” I replied and looked up at her

“where did you grow up then? Start there” she said

“you wanna know where I grew up?” I asked

“yeah otherwise I wouldn’t of asked” she replied

“I grew up in a place called Barnado’s” I said quietly and looked at the ground. Kelvin gave me a small smile for saying it, his smile was more of a proud smile a dad should give his son. Although Kelvin did look at me as a son and a brother all at once, he was definitely my best friend in the whole world. 

“oh my god…I’m sorry, I didn’t know” Kobie said quietly

“it don’t matter, it’s no secret of mine I just don’t go shouting it out” I replied

“can I ask what it was like?” she asked

“well you just have aint you” Kelvin said as I laughed

“it was alright I guess” I replied

“now tell her the truth Cay” Kelvin said quietly

“it was awful” I said quietly “being woken up everyday at 6 just to clean my bed sheets and wash my face. The day where donations were made and 15 of us would run towards a bag of clothes and grab whatever we could get hold of” I said as Kobie watched me with a sorry look on her face. 

“each time I spoke back to one of the staff I’d get what for, it was just hell for 8 years of my life” I said softly and a tear ran down my face as I remembered the small things I hadn’t mentioned just yet. Lewis grabbed my shoulder and pulled me in closer to him, I sat there with him as Kobie and Kelvin watched quietly. Kelvin knew all of this and the things I was holding back, he was a great person but just didn’t know how to express emotions like Lewis did. 

“I’m going to bed now, I’ll leave you guys to talk. Lew you coming?” he asked and nodded towards their tent. Lewis let go of me and said good night then followed Kelvin into their tent. 

The End

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