Chapter SixMature


Finally, the weekend had arrived! I sat on the edge of the river bank with my legs hanging over the side and a fishing rod in hand. Kelvin and Lewis were beside me on the right and Kobie was beside me on the left, all the other boys were opposite and fishing the other way. I looked at Kobie and smiled, I really didn’t expect her to come along but she did and was very excited about it. 

“oi I aint catching nothing in this thing” Lewis said loudly

“neither am I, but I will, I always do cos I’m the best at this shit” Kelvin replied as we all laughed

“yeah shut up bean head, I’m the best at this. You lot got anything over there?!” Lewis shouted to the other side of the river. Elliott turned around and looked over his shoulder.

“nah nothing over here man, this river has turnt shit since we was young” he shouted then turned back. Lewis got up and rested his fishing rod on the ground next to his camping chair. 

“I’m definitely not getting anything here” Kobie said 

“same as all of us man” Kelvin said as he glanced at her fishing rod “oh my days, you wanna know why you aint catching nothing?” 

“because the river is so crap?” Kobie asked

“no because your bloody rod aint even in the water” he replied as we all looked at her rod that was rested on a stand. She looked down at the river and glanced at her dangling fishing line and hook that was just above the water. She looked at me then burst out laughing. We all shook our heads and ended up laughing too.

Lewis was still standing up and lurking around the river bank. 

“what are you doing Lew?” I asked as he looked around at the others fishing

“I’m just waiting for something to jump onto my rod and be eaten by me” he replied

“oi I got one!” we all looked up from our rods and watched as Elliott and Josh tugged at their rods and revealed two small fishes. They turned to us and held them high in the air for us to see.

“well done mate, at least two of us will be eating tonight” Kelvin shouted to them as they laughed

“they aint gonna get much meat off of them things” Kobie said 

“they’ll be getting more than us” I replied as Kelvin laughed

“Kelvin shut up. You’re always thinking you’re so hard, well you aint so hush up boy” Lewis said as he grinned at Kelvin. Kobie turned to me and looked confused.

“don’t worry, they always to this. They have to insult each other at least twice a day otherwise they wouldn’t get on” I reassured her and with that Kelvin jumped up and ran at Lewis. Lewis watched him as he ran backwards then turned round and he fell. I looked up at the huge splash I heard, all the boys from the other side of the river turned around and burst out laughing as Lewis pulled his head up from out of the river and shook his head. He looked like a drowned rat. Kelvin was already on the floor nearly crying and me and Kobie were laughing so hard that it hurt our sides. Everyone was laughing so hard, I really did love being with these people.


Chapter 6.5 (short)

Next stage of the weekend was to set up the tents, I already knew this was gonna end up wrong. Between the 6 of us we had about one brain cell and no common sense so this would be interesting. We all started constructing our tents very close to each other so all the tents would be in a circle. The last time we done this it was quite good as we used the space in the middle for all our rubbish and food. Me and Kelvin got to work on our tent and Kobie and Lewis started building another one next to ours. Josh and Elliott was next to theirs and already their tent actually looked like one. Lewis has always been the dopey one of our group of friends, he was always saying stupid things and leaving us all in stitches. 

“oi Lewis you dried out yet?” Kelvin asked as he reached for a corner of the tent

“oh shut up you gay, I was meant to go in the river, it was refreshing actually so you’re the actual fool here” he replied. I laughed and carried on pushing a pole through a seam in the tent as it took shape. I glanced up and watched as Kobie laughed with Lewis while they put the tent together, it made me realise how real this girl was and how different she was to any other girl I’d met. I couldn’t wait to finally get to know her.

The End

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