Chapter FiveMature

The sun had just set and I was surrounded, once again, by my friends in a huge park just nearby the college. It was me, Kelvin and Lewis and we had figured it’d be pointless to go home as none of us had any coursework to be getting on with. It was a great feeling not having to go home, it was cool to be with my friends a bit longer and I enjoyed every minute of it. 

“Kel have you got the new Call Of Duty yet?” Lewis asked as he rummaged through his retro style Adidas bag

“nah, mum might be getting it tomorrow for me though. I’ll tell you how it is” he replied

“tell me how it is? I’m coming round to bloody play it mate” he said as they both laughed

“Caleb you’ve been staring at the ground for about 10 minutes, what’s up?” Kelvin asked. I looked up and shrugged my shoulders

“well just been beaten up by my brother but apart from that, I have no idea why I’m feeling shit” I replied. Kelvin laughed and shook his head.

“he can’t keep doing it Cay, you’ve gotta tell someone cos it aint right” he said quietly

“there aint no one to tell, I’ve told everyone I know in my family” I replied

“you aint told your uncle” Lewis butted in and stared at me

“you know why I aint told him, I can’t” I replied. My uncle was the craziest person alive, he’s been sent to prison four times for 2 murders and 2 attempts of murder. He was an angry person and a lot had to do with his upbringing, he and my mother were brought up differently. My mother was the favourite whereas my uncle was the black sheep of the family and usually beaten for no reason whatsoever. If I told my uncle how badly my brother beats me then he’d be dead for sure, it doesn’t matter what relation he is to him. 

“yes you can Cay, he favours you so much and he looks out for you bare loads” Lewis said

“I know but I don’t want anything to happen to Jason, he’s still my brother” I said quietly. Lewis and Kelvin shook their heads. I leant back on the grass and watched Lewis begin to rummage through his bag again. 

“Lewis what are you looking for?” I asked

“ah just trying to find my headphones man” he replied without looking up from his bag

“your bag can’t be that bloody big” I said as Kelvin laughed

“ah found the little shit” Lewis said and pulled his tangled headphones out of his bag “argh, and when I do find them they’re all tangled up” 

“anyway Caleb you up for camping this weekend?” Kelvin asked

“I thought we was going fishing down the Air Park” I replied

“yeah we are but we thought we’d make a day of it and camp there aswell, just an idea” he said

“yeah I’m up for that, who’s going?” I asked

“me, Lewis, Josh, and Elliott, you can bring that girl if you want cos she seems pretty cool” he suggested

“nah I don’t think camping is her thing” I replied

“have you asked her?” he asked


“then how do you know? Just ask her, she don’t seem like most girls, she seems alright, get her to come along and see how it is” he replied

“do you fancy her or something man” I said as he laughed

“nah man, just thought it’d be cool for you two to get to know each other more. You need a girl in your life to talk to, you aint had one in years” he replied. I glanced at Lewis who was still untangling his headphones and thought to myself ‘maybe she would enjoy it and get to know everybody, you never know until you ask’

The End

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