Chapter FourMature

I sat on the bus for the third time this week which meant it was only 2 days till the weekend. Great, what I loved most was being at home. I loved Monday’s because it was the start of a week where I would rarely see anybody at home, I would just be surrounded by friends. But the weekend was a completely different story. A story I tried my hardest to avoid. The bus slowed down as scheduled just like everyday and I leant back and closed my eyes. A great song was blasting through my ears, an angry song, just the kind that I needed in this sort of mood. Eminem was amazing to listen to when feeling down and angry, I often listen to him a lot because he has a song for every mood I’m in. This particular song ‘Go To Sleep’ had every word I was feeling inside. You should check it out sometime when you’re angry, you’d be surprised how great it makes you feel that someone else knows what you’re going through. I listened and listened until I felt a weight next to me, I opened my eyes and glanced at what had just sat down. It was Kobie, she was sitting there smiling at me until I looked back at her.

“what happened to your face?!” she asked and reached out for my face. I pulled away and took my headphones out.

“what?” I asked

“what happened to your face?” she repeated

“oh nothing, don’t worry about it” I replied

“have you even seen it?” she asked

“no and I don’t really want to either” I replied. She pulled out a tiny mirror from her handbag then opened it in front of my face. Wow, I didn’t realise just how bad it was. I had dried blood on the side of my face where it had departed from a cut just above my eye. A black eye on that very same one had appeared and looked awful. I looked away from the mirror and felt ashamed, how awful could a relative make one feel?

“so what happened? And don’t say that you fell over or fell off a bike or whatever” she said quietly

“it was my brother, don’t worry about it seriously I’m used to it” I replied. She sat back in her chair with a confused look on her face

“how could a brother do that to his own blood? How old is he?” she asked quietly

“19, can we just drop it? Does it really matter?” 

“yes it does, he can’t just get away with it” 

“and what are you gonna do? Anything anyone says just makes it worse. My boys have tried to say something before and it’s only ever made it worse” I said angrily. She looked at me and said something that I will never forget

“if he’s big enough to hit his little brother with such force that leaves a black eye behind then he’s big enough to deal with someone bigger than him” 

She sat back and stared out the window. I put my headphones back in and also looked out the window. And with that, she rested her hand ontop of mine. I looked at her and she smiled.

“I’m here for you Caleb”

The End

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