Chapter ThreeMature

I arrived home earlier than usual as my last lesson finished a lot earlier because we had a supply. I got to the front door and dreaded walking through it. Where most kid’s home is their sanctuary and a place to feel safe and loved, mine was a minefield where any little thing could kick off. I turned the key in the lock and walked through the door, closing it behind me. All the lights were off. Yes! This meant nobody was in yet. I raced up the stairs to my bedroom and closed the door behind me. I threw my bag onto the floor and changed into some other clothes. Once changed I headed back down the stairs and out the front door again. I really did hate being at home if anyone was in, and if they wasn’t in I’d try and be quick getting in and out before they came back! It wasn’t right to feel so low about being at home with family but my family is very messed up and isn’t completely sane. I feel I’m the only normal person in my family. I walked down the porch steps just in time to see my brothers car roll up the drive. I winced and carried on walking down the drive quickly. It was too late, he’d already seen me, obviously. 

“oi, where do you think your going?” Jason shouted as he got out the car. His girlfriend had also gotten out the car and walked round to his side. 

“I’m just going out for a bit” I replied quietly

“yeah well when you get back, your cleaning my car” he shouted back

“yeah I don’t think so, do it yourself” I replied. He walked towards and his face was so close I could almost feel him breathing.

“you’ll fucking do it, because that’s all you will ever be good for. Your worthless and aint gonna make nuttin’ of your life. So you hurry up and get back here boy” he said quietly in my ear.

“I aint a puppy you can tell what to do, so get out of my face” I replied 

“don’t talk to him like that you little shit” his girlfriend shouted from behind him

“oh shut up, your only sticking up for him cos he hits you” I shouted back. And with that my head hit the ground, I looked up and all I saw was my brother’s face as he carried on hitting me. After a few minutes of pretending to be more hurt than I was, he had gone inside with his girl and left me on the drive, sprawled on the floor. I pulled myself up from the ground, coughing and spitting blood, I got enough energy and staggered down the street. I daren’t turn back, I knew he was laughing but one day I would be the one laughing. Laughing at him. One day, all I had to do was wait.

The End

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