Chapter TwoMature

I sat down in the cafeteria and tucked into my Chicken sandwich. I was surrounded by friends just as always, they really did make my day at college a whole lot better. Kelvin, Josh, Lewis and Elliott were my closest friends of all time and they were all very individual and street wise. 

“eh you coming out tonight Cay?” Kelvin asked me

“I aint sure, I’ve got things to do” I replied

“oh c’mon, we’re going down Death Row” Elliott added

“ah I might do then, aint been down there in time” I said

“yeah, we’re all going down and then on Saturday a bit of fishing and football up the Air Park” Elliott replied

“yeah I’m up for that” I said and took another bite of my sandwich. Everyone started eating and I was just about to take another bite when I saw the girl from earlier sitting on her own at a table. She looked so lonely and was looking around as if she was lost. Her lunch in front of her hadn’t been touched as she sat there quietly eating an apple. I looked at the boys and put my sandwich down.

“where you going?” Kelvin asked

“just going to make conversation” I said as I winked and nodded over at the girl

“ah, go for it boy, I’ll be waiting for you here” he replied. Elliott and Lewis looked up and laughed. I got up from the table and walked over to her. I plonked myself down opposite her on the small table she had acquired. She looked up at me and smiled.

“why are you sitting on your own?” I asked

“I’m not good at talking to people I guess” she said and shrugged her shoulders

“well come over and sit with us if you want” I said and pointed over at the table I had come from. All the boys were looking over at me grinning. 

“no I wouldn’t do that to you, I’m fine here” she replied quietly

“oh c’mon, there all nice” I said and grabbed her arm softly “trust me, it’ll be fine” 



The End

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