Chapter Fifteen (cont'd)Mature

My mind was taken from the gorge in front of me before I could even be faced with another assailant. I heard a shout that stood out from all the rest of the shouting. I heard Max shouting- nearly a scream. He sounded like he was in pain. I turned and ran as fast as my legs would carry me in the direction I had heard his voice. I needed to save him.

            Upon reaching Max, I noticed he had three undead monsters bearing down on him as he lay on the ground, trying to fend them off. I charged in and tackled one of them to the ground, which was more difficult than knocking down a living human. As it turned out, vampires were like rock and knocking them to the ground proved to be painful, but I succeeded.

            With one of the three assailants on the ground, I drove my dagger through it’s chest, where I knew the heart to be. Its gore started pouring out through the wound. I did not have time to be disgusted this time, I had to keep Max safe. I jumped back up, my weapon making a squelching sound as it was removed from the dead flesh. By this time, Max was back on his feet, in a fighting stance; one of the other vampires was still going at him. The other had turned its attention to me when I had killed its comrade.

            I made an attempt at stabbing this one in the chest, but merely managed to scrape its shoulder with my blade. The beast knocked me to the ground and climbed on top of me. Bearing its fangs at me. I struggled to get my blade into a position from which I could inflict damage, but my arms were both pinned down.

            I heard the crunch of bones splitting and the squelch of more blood, and the vampire let out a sickening growl of death as it fell on me, crushing the air out of my lungs. Like a knight in shining armor, Max had saved me. He pulled the unmoving vampire off of me and took my hand to help me up, He was covered in blood, both red and black. He was hurt.

            “Max! You’re bleeding!”

            “I’m fine. Just a cut.”

            “No… We need to get you out of here so I can check on it. Let’s go. Now!”

            “Mel, we are in the middle of a fight, if you hadn’t noticed. We can’t just abandon the others so you can make sure I am okay!”

            I chewed my lip, feeling way too overwhelmed with everything. That was the understatement of the year. Thankfully, I had no more time to think about things, because two more vampires came running at us. Max and I each took one out without hesitation.

            Just as our two most recent victims fell to the ground, all of the others froze for a fraction of a second and ran off, as if they weren’t in the middle of trying to take our lives. As if something had scared them away. Or called them, like a higher power they could not resist. In an instant, they were all gone from the woods, leaving behind those who had been slain. 

The End

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