Story of a girl who lost everything she knew in life and is sucked into a life she never knew existed.
At this point, the story is a solo piece, but if anyone is interested in putting work into it with me, I can change that!

  I ran through the forest, as if I was being chased. I half hoped there would be a cliff somewhere and I would just fall off it. Yeah, It was that bad. I had just lost everything; I had literally nothing left. My life didn't matter anymore. A year ago, I lost my parents-they were murdered by two men out of cold blood. Tonight, I lost my twin brother, Adam, to the very same men. He was the last one in my world that I had cared about and now he was gone. I didn't even care about the fact that the men who had caused the demolition of my family were now also dead. The only things I knew at that point were that- One: I had nothing. No one to live for and no one who cared about me, and two: I wanted to get as far away as possible. I wanted to go somewhere that I would never have to see or hear from anyone I had known in my past. The old me was gone.


  Fire blazed high in the warm August night's sky. My home...gone. I had to find Adam, we should not be separated right now. This was bad, it felt so...wrong. Somehow I felt something was going to go even worse. Before Adam and I had been separated, I was scared; the men had been chasing us, trying to kill us. Now, I didn't know where Adam was... I was terrified. I wished I had him by my side; he always knew what to do when things got rough. He always helped me through it all.

 "Amelia!" I heard Adam's voice behind me.

My spirit soared and I had a sudden burst of hope. Adam was nearby; all I had to do was turn and I would see his brave, strong face. We would get through this together, like we got through everything else together!

  I turned and saw him running toward me, fear etched on every bit of his, strangely pale, face.

 Fear filled my body. My blood suddenly ran cold. Something was seriously wrong.

  "Melly,"  he gasped, as he caught up to me, "You have to run! Get out of here, now."

    "What happened?!"

    "They have a bomb! Its not a big one, but it'll easily blow up a square mile... Get out of here!"

    "Let's go, then!"

   His face fell. Not only was there fear in his eyes, but also deep sadness. He met my gaze, "Mel... I've gotta get them. What they did to Mom and Dad... I can end this, now. You need to go... Get out of here and be safe... I love you..."

   Suddenly, I fully understood what he was talking about. He was planning on sacrificing himself to kill those men. He wanted me to get out so I didn't die along with him. He was going to die for me.

   "No, Adam..." tears came to my eyes, burning behind my nose.

    "Amelia, you know this had to end. If this is how I can do it, I need to take my chance. It could be the only chance I get..."

    "You can't do this... You don't need to do this..."

    "Honey, they're going to destroy our town. They've already destroyed our family. This is my sacrifice to make... for you. You can go on and live. I want you to do that for me, okay?" tears finally welled up and spilled from his startlingly green eyes. I knew mine reflected the same thing:  fear, sadness, and love.

   I knew there was no way I could change his mind. He was the most determined person I had ever met. Once he set his mind to something, it was impossible to make him think differently. Especially when it was something he strongly believed was right.

   Slowly, I nodded, "I love you, Adam... You're my best friend."

   He pulled me into a tight hug, as if he never wanted to let me go, "I love you too, Amelia, you've always been my best friend. I'll always be with you, I'll make sure you're safe, always. This is why I have to do this... to make sure you can be safe again."

      He let go of me, and looked at me. He didn't need to say anything more. I knew what he wanted to say, without needing words. He was going to avenge our parents. He was saving me, "Run, get as far away as you can,"

  I did as I was told. Without another backward glance, I took off. I couldn't hang around and be killed... I couldn't let him sacrifice himself only to have it be for nothing. I don't know how far I ran, but I soon heard a huge explosion. I was knocked down on my face from the pressure it sent my way. I knew it was over... I sent a silent prayer for my brother.

I finally got so physically and emotionally tired that I collapsed on the ground in a pile of old, dried leaves. The pain I had been furiously trying to escape caught up with me- I felt the horrible pain in my chest and the thoughts ran through my head in unorganized chaos. I couldn't escape the agony, even if I tried to run away. Nothing was going to work for me. Maybe I would feel like this forever- This agony that made me feel like just ending it. By the time the sun fell below the tops of the trees, it was freezing; I didn't care. Maybe I'd freeze to death.

The End

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