Revenge Is SweetMature

Caleb Stewart leads a very dysfunctional life. He would rather spend time with friends than his family, he is regularly beaten by his brother and his mother is 'blind' to it. Caleb's troubles suddenly disappear when he meets a girl on the bus called Kobie, they connect and he finds someone to unburden his troubles with. But Caleb is hiding a secret that only his very best friend knows about. A secret that is both sick and twisted. Caleb isn't as innocent as he makes out...


My name is Caleb and I have one older brother called Jason who is 19. I am 17 and live in a small house with him and my mother and we are a half cast family if that‘s any relevance to you. I go to a nice college and I absolutely love it, my passion is music and I am studying Music Technology there and English Lit because I enjoy it a lot. That’s all about me and this is my journey…


Chapter One

I sat on the bus and watched the world go by, it was like being on a ferris wheel and seeing the same thing as you went round. All I saw was kids in tracksuits and smoking on the corner of each street. It made me feel sick inside as these were the kind of kids that gave people like me a bad name. People are so quick to judge, it doesn’t matter that I’m the complete opposite to them and live my life right. I leant back in the uncomfortable bus chair and closed my eyes as the music in my ears played loud through my entire body. The loud music didn’t even hurt my ears as I was so used to it being this loud, it was loud enough for the person next to me to hear. I always done this when I had headphones. When they were in my ears I was in another zone, another world which felt so good. I could just drift away to another place and forget everything and everyone around me. I opened my eyes and looked back out the window as before. The bus slowed down to a halt and stopped for more passengers to jump on. I watched as they all crammed the bus trying to get a seat. A young black girl drifted past me like the wind and I watched as something fell from her back pocket. I stopped the music in my ears and grabbed the 10 pound note that had fallen, I turned around and called out.

“you dropped your money” I said loudly. The girl turned around and walked a few steps closer to me, I handed it to her and she smiled.

“thanks, I’m surprised you didn’t take it” she said in a nice voice “do you mind if I sit here? I don’t know anybody yet”

I looked at the empty chair next to me, I always liked having my own space to stretch out on. But she seemed okay so I moved my bag onto the floor and she sat down.

“I haven’t seen you around college before” I said as she put her handbag on the floor

“I’ve just started, I had a few problems at my other one” she said quietly

“oh right, fair enough. By the way, I wouldn’t put your bag down there if I was you” I said and nodded my head towards her handbag on the floor

“why? I wont forget it” she said

“it’s not about forgetting, it’s about people that nick anything they can get there hands on” I replied. She picked her bag back up and put it on her lap.

“and what makes your bag so invincible?” she said and nodded her head towards mine on the floor

“I aint got nothing that anyone would want to steal” I said as she laughed. She looked at the folder I had rested on my knees.

“and what’s in there?” she asked

“oh nothing” I replied and pulled the folder in closer to my body

“yeah right, it’s obviously something that you don’t want anyone to see” she said and smiled

“yeah something like that. What’s your name?” I asked

“oh yeah, it’s Kobie. And what about you?” 

“Kobie? That’s a pretty cool name, never heard it before on a girl. Mines Caleb” I replied

“well I’ve never heard your name either” she said as I smiled at her. She was so naturally pretty, she had small diamond studs in her ears and another one further up her ear. Her brown hair was swept to the side and wavy, it suited her face. I’d never seen such a pretty girl, her dress sense was very unique and cool. She was wearing a tight white vest top underneath a checked shirt, a long necklace with a simple heart design pendant on the end. She was wearing black skinny jeans and some very cool trainers, they were Nike high tops with red and white straps. Very nice. The bus stopped and I got up and followed this girl off the bus. As we jumped off and reached the front of the college building she turned to me.

“it’s been cool meeting you, hope I see you again” she said and smiled

“yeah likewise, see you around” I replied and made my way to my first lesson.

The End

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