Prince Nicolas Beaudont

The following morning I woke before sunrise, quickly dressed and made my way down to the royal stables. I meet the stable boy who was busy with the morning feed; he bowed in respect and explained how Shadow refused to be groomed.

“You need to earn his trust boy.” I smile knowing how fussing my horse was around people.

“Yes sire I will try. However, I’ve yet to see anymore get close to him.” I turned to boy; he had brown curly hair, dressed in simple clothes and looked 14 years old.

“You are willing to try boy.” I carried on walking then stopped looking back at the boy. “What is your name?”

“Jasper sire, Jasper Phials.” The boy Jasper bowed again and seemed pleased.

“Hmm I hope you do earn his trust, now back to your duties.” I nod and make my way to Shadow stall.

Shadow was waiting as he always was at this time in the morning, knowing that we would be free soon to run wild. His mane was knotted, I sighed shaking my head and went to fetch the grooming tools.

“Hello boy.” My voice was different when I talked to him, no-one judge how I spoke and I could talk freely. “What’s this I hear about you being fussy?” Shadow huffed stomped his hoof I opened the gate and went in stroking his neck. “I know I know you don’t like anyone else.” I start to work on grooming him talking and it seemed to calm him.

I don’t how long she was there before I stopped humming, Shadow moving his head and grow tense. “How long have you been standing there?” I carried on brushing mane Shadow.

“Not long, I came here as ordered to receive treatment for my wrists and I was told you were here.” She explained formally, I walked round Shadow and saw her head down.

“I see. Come closer.” I was surprised by Shadow reaction, normally he would react differently to strangers and yet he stood still. Keeping her head down she moved towards the gate. Shadow moved slowly moving his head near to her, his tail swishing from side to side and I patted his neck. “Have you heard of his reputation?”

“He does not like many.” She answered I smiled that was putting it nicely.

“Yet he is interested by you and that is a first. Go and sit on the bench.” I turned my back and finished my work. “There you go boy.” I pat his neck then open his gate, wash my hands and pull chair to sit opposite her. “May I have your hand?” I say as I take the cream out. She didn’t move, which didn’t surprise me. “You need this cream, I told you yesterday I saw the relief in your face when I applied it and you know it will help.” I raise my eyebrow almost daring her to refuse, she clenches her fist and I try to catch her eyes to see what she was thinking.   

Then without a word she lifts her right hand, she kept her head down as I slowly and carefully rubbed the cream into her skin. Something seemed wrong with this girl and I couldn’t put my finger on it.

“What is your name?” I asked breaking the silence between us. Her voice whispered something, I couldn’t hear with her head down and moved my finger under her chin she lifted her head sliver eyes captured me.


“Why did you refuse the cream I sent you? Do you want to feel the pain as punishment?” I take her other hand applying the cream noticing how tense it was, her head turned away and I couldn’t read her I sighed. “Whisper look at me.”  


The End

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