Chapter 10Mature

When I got back to the tiny room I was sharing with Emarie she could tell something was wrong. "What happened?" She said putting down the dress she was fixing and coming over.

"Probably something I'm going to have to get use to" I whispered waving her off from helping me and sitting on my bed barely a foot from hers. They were both tiny singles. Emarie sat across waiting for me to explain but I didn't really want to lying down and turning my back on her.Emarie sighed and went back to her stitching.

What did she expect? Me to blab out my whole life story while crying my eyes out? No. Today's events had only been made horrid by the fact the man who I had watched murder my father had violated me. Touched me in a way that would have usually made me punch a man.

There was a sudden knock on the door. I looked at the door then at Emarie who also looked confused. She put her stitching aside and got up going to the door.

"Primrose" Emarie said in a tense voice. 

"I'm here to see the other girl not you" Primrose said snobby. Emarie stepped aside and this Primrose strode in. As she did she pushed the door open wider which banged it into Emarie. The rude arrival didn't even bat an eyelash standing at the end of my bed and tossing a vile. I caught it seeing the contents to be the cream from earlier. "From the Prince for your wrists"

She turned to leave but I reached out and snatched her wrist. She faced me disgust all over her face from the fact I was touching her. I put the vial back in her hand. "Thanks but no thanks" I said and let her go. She looked angry.

"No! You will take it" she said angry stamping her foot. I saw Emarie behind her rubbing her forehead which had been hit by the door due to this Primrose.I looked at her.

"No I will not" I say. "Now please leave"

"If you don't take it you will have to visit the Prince eve and morn" she said stomping her foot again which is when I worked it out. She was sleeping with the Prince and saw her as only her lover. She didn't want me, another female, going near her man. Unfortunately for her I wasn't going to give her what she wanted even if that didn't work for me in the long run.

"Then I shall" I said to Emarie's surprise.

Primrose clutched the vile tight getting very in my face. "You will reject this" she hissed and left angrily.

Emarie closed the door. "She's a dog" she said in a matter of fact way. "Why didn't you just take the vial?"

"She storms in here and hurts my friend then shoves a vial in my face ordering me to take it. She isn't a higher rank than me she just thinks she is cause she's sleeping with the Prince"

Emarie hummed. "But now you're going to have to attend the Prince eve and morning"I sighed flopping back onto my bed.

"Yeah, that did occur to me"

"And you still turned the vial away"

"I'm stubborn alright!" I said frustrated and things were left at that. I had better prepare myself for tomorrow morning. It wasn't going to be the best.

The End

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