Prince Nicolas

I strolled into the great room, heads of nobles turned my way and the spoke person stopped mid sentence. They bowed as I passed making my way to my chair by side my siblings.

“Nicolas you have decided to join us at last.” My father the King said shaking his head and sighing. “Just once will you do as I ask?”

“I apologise father, but I had a matter to attend to.” I replied taking the scroll before me.

“More like some woman to attend to.” I heard my brother Klaus say under his breath taking a sip of wine from the goblet.

“Well someone has to see to your lady.”  Shot back smirking when my father slammed his hand on the table.

“Enough.” His voice was sharp and he glared at me making his message clear. “Nicolas read the scroll we are discussing the matter.” I nodded scanning the scroll as the spoke man continued. I tried to pay attention, but I couldn’t get her out of my thoughts.


Hours later and we could all leave, I headed to the gardens wanting to clear my head and saw my favourite flower.

“Primrose.” She jumped and turned smiling, the sun catching her golden curls.

“Sire, I did not expect to see you here.” She bow, walking over I took her chin and she lifted her head. “Is everything well?”

“Do you know the new servant?” I ask ignoring her question.

“I have heard of an assassin some girl.”     

“I need you to do something for me.” I say I trail my finger down her neck. “Something that requires your cunning edge.” I feel her heart quicken and walk slowly behind her trailing my finger, knowing the effect that I had on her. “You must watch your back; she has claws and will draw blood.” I kiss from her ear down her neck towards her back, wrapping my arms around her and she tilts her head back. “Find out who she is.”

“Sire she will not speak to me, besides she is low rank and-

“Stop.” I snap moving my hands up her dress and capture her making her gasp. “Now you will find a way, or else this will stop and I’ll throw you out.”

“Of course Sire.” I release her and take the small container out from my pocket.

“Give this to her and if she does not take it then order her to come to me every morning and night and I will personally apply the cream. Understand?”

“Yes Sire.” Primrose takes the cream and I see the slight jealousy in her eyes.

“Now carry on with your duties.”  

The End

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