Chapter 8Mature

His hands were gentle as they massaged the cream into my skin. It was easy to tell that he had been or was someone's lover. He didn't take the bracelets off cause he couldn't but he tried to soothe the burns of the metal on my skin best he could.

His fingers started to move up my arm and I froze pulling myself away from his grasp. He was looking into my eyes with this deep hunger that scared me but he then coughed and stood putting the mixture of cream to the side. "That should help the sores" he said and he took a cloth and cleaned the cream from his fingers slowly. "I could get some made for you to apply on at night"

"I'm fine" I said turning my back on him.

"Uh huh. You said that originally about the sores on your wrists now but don't lie about the relief you felt when I put the cream on cause I saw it all over your face" he said throwing the rag away. I looked over at the Prince and found him watching me. Again it was a very intense stare that made me look away and have to quell a shiver. "Anyway, I have to go now. I'm already late" the Prince said moving to leave the herbs room.

"Late? For what?" I question causing him to stop in the doorway.

He watched me amused and nibbled his lower lip in a way that drew my attention to it. He noticed getting more amused which I couldn't have so I yanked my gaze back up to his eyes. "Something that isn't your business and you should be getting back to your chores" he stated tapping his fingers on the hilt of his sword. Why did men always have to carry swords they never used? It irritated me the waste of a good blade on nobles who barely ever saw battle. Some lived there whole life only draw it for petty fake fights. Blades that never tasted blood weren't much blades at all.

I scowled at the Prince my hands curling into fists. I left angrily past him marching along the corridors in a blind rage. That was until I walked straight into a living breathing person who towered over me more than most. I stumbled back but didn't fall over from the force of the collision but as I looked up my whole body went cold. I was staring up into the face of The Lord Knight. I was staring up into the face of my fathers killer and he even wore the same furious expression of disgust he had then.

"You need to watch where you're going" he snapped grabbing my chin. He yanked me close and forced me to look at him. He laughed his head tipping back as he did. "You're the assassin girl. Enjoying your servitude you little wench"

I slapped his hand off my chin and stepped back. "I'm not a wench" I said having to contain the anger that was starting to boil and bubble within me.

"You dare slap me! Do you know who I am?" He said grabbing me by my wrists and pressing me up to a wall. His breath was hot on my face as it came out in short bursts. The smell of meat and gravy filling my nostrils and making me feel sick. "You may be bound under the Prince Nicolas but let me make it clear" he said beginning to fondle my chest. "I get what I want"

He then threw me away to the ground and strode off. I felt violated. Horribly and utterly violated. Had I not been bound by these bracelet I would have slaughtered the man in a heartbeat but the cuffs only allowed me to defend and unfortunately it didn't seem like his fondling came under the section of things to defend from. I struggled to my feet and headed back to the servant quarters.

Apparently this was going to be my life now. 

The End

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