Prince Nicolas Beaudont     

I was free. No ties. No one judging me. No expectations. Just me, Shadow and an empty dirt track in the green forest. I came here often to escape even if it was only for short time, lost in my thoughts and peace. Shadow was a great horse to ride and would only respond to me.

“Faster.” Lightly kicking his sides, the wind blow his midnight main as we drove deeper in the forest. I knew it like the back of my hand, every tree, steam and hidden secret. The morning sun awakens the animals, bird sang from treetops and deer’s darted hearing Shadow approaching presents.

Suddenly, I saw another rider coming towards me and slowed seeing the royal colours. It was a messenger and I slowed wondering why he was interrupting my morning ride.

“You better had a very good excuse for disturbing me.” My voice cold and hard making the young boy quiver climbing off his horse and bowing.

“My apologise sire, you are requested to come to the castle by order of the King and I am to escort you sire.” The bows his head, I raise an eyebrow and smirk; yes my father would have this boy escort me to ensure I came.

“Get on your horse and try to keep up.” I don’t wait for him and Shadow leads on as the boy quickly gets on his horse and lags behind.

Shadow picks up the pace and I tell him not to slow as we enter the castle outside grounds, I see a crowd gathered by the stables and stop catching a servant attention. “What is happening?”

“Sire Mr Barras is dealing with a servant sorting a problem out.” In a stable? The royal stable at that, what could cause trouble that gathers a crowd? I moved Shadow a little closer so I could hear them.

“What a joke!”

“Women are not made for fighting!”

“Some assassin she is!”

"Mr Barras the rack move!"

Assassin? Wait the girl in the cell her first chore was to clean the stable. I stroked Shadows neck deciding and then smiled. “Looks like I’ll be late…again.” I kicked Shadow and sprinted towards the crowd. They shouted backing away, I halted and Shadow stood on his back legs crying out and I saw Mr Barras holding his jaw and looking surprised as I jumped of Shadow. The sound was my leather boots heading straight towards him, I ignored the girl on the floor who stood holding the rack and as Mr Barras opened his mouth to lie to me I grabbed him by the neck and throw him up against the wall forcefully.

“You’ve made me late Mr Barras.” My voice low and glared at him.

“Sire she came at me.” He lied. “I was minding my own business and before I knew it the little tart throw herself at me, as a gentleman I push her away but she-

In one quick move I flipped him the ground in the dirt and took the dagger from my boot holding it to his throat. “I’d think very carefully about your next sentence.”

“I didn’t do anything!”

“You’re a fool to think I believe you. This is what happened, you knew that she was an assassin and wanted to see how far you could push her to react. Then she caught you off guard” His reactions prove me right in my answer. “I’ll watch your back Mr Barras because she won't forget.” I edged closer to his ear and whispered. “And neither will I, don’t you ever touch her again or else my dagger will find its self imbedded within you.” He looked almost sickened as I stood releasing him.


“Sire I am-

“No to her.” Reluctantly he apologised glaring at her and went outside leaving us together Shadow had gone to his stable but watched us. I sighed walking over to the girl. “Are you ok?”

“Fine." She snaps rubbing her sore looking wrists.

“What is wrong?” I ask as she puts her hand behind her back.

“It's nothing." The magic bracelets have done this to her skin, I knew something that would ease this. 

“I really am going to be late.” I say under my breath. “Come with me.”

The End

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