Chapter 6Mature

Dressed properly was first put in a corset tightened enough so you could breath but not heavily without making your chest rise up out the top. Over that was a black dress with short puffy sleeves. The dress pulled into your waist and flowed out down to your knees. Emarie also insisted in brushing my hair.

"Ow!" I yelled as she yanked the brush through another knot. 

Emarie tutted and shook her head. "It is your fault for not taking care of it" she said looking at me through the reflection of the mirror. "I mean your hair deserves to be looked after being such a length and exquisite colour"

I grumbled in annoyance anyway and winced as she found another knot. Once all of the knots were found she started to braid my hair her fingers passing through it gently. I found Emarie odd. She was the only person I had met who had not been scared or even a hint cautious of me. "Why aren't you scared?" I questioned her.

"What do you mean?" she asked looking at me again through the mirror. I wouldn't look at myself. I hated the dress I was in right now and my eyes that usually made me feel powerful but now I was just weak and a servant.

I looked at Emarie instead with her simple brown hair and eyes but very tanned skin. "You know I am an assassin but you're not scared of me" I explained watching her face remain calm and focused as she continued to braid my hair.

"When I was young my mother use to tell me stories of honor and brotherhood" she whispers. "I use to love those stories but when I was seven some men came to our house and took her away. Before they came she told me to hide under the bed. I heard the men call her an assassin.... a murderer. At first I couldn't believe it and thought they were lying but then I learnt of the brotherhood. I was... invited to join but I chose a simpler life instead. I guess you could say I'm not scared of you cause being an assassin doesn't mean your a bad person just like my mother"

I was silent. A coldness curled around my heart as I realized what had happened to Emarie's mother cause of her crimes. What could have happened to me. What had happened to my father. I squeezed my eyes shut and fought away the memories angrily. No, I couldn't think about him right now.

"Done" Emarie's voice suddenly cut in shoving away my memories that had been rising up. I opened my eyes and looked at my reflection. Having my hair pulled back without my hood left my pale skin on show with the freckles on my cheek stand out. The thing I knew everyone would look at first though were my eyes that almost seemed to shine as many said.

I slowly stood up and turned my back on my reflection. "Thank you" I whispered.

"Don't thank me yet" she laughed. "You're not gonna like this next bit"

I frowned but Emarie didn't say anymore leading my through various corridors to the gardens of the castle. They were beautiful. Birds and insects buzzed around creating a wonderful noise among the otherwise would be silence. It reminded me though that the royals had this all hidden away here but if you headed into the city all you would see is streets and houses and dirt. No nature left to be found from the growth of people.

We didn't stay in the garden long though heading round to the courtyard I'd past through only a short while ago. Through that and over to the stables. "You've been given the task of mucking out Prince Nicolas's horse stall while he is out on his morning ride" Emarie told me looking at me sympathetic.

I stared at the messy stall horrified. "How long do I have?"

"He will be back within the hour" she said gesturing to a pile of hay, buckets, rakes and sponges. "All the equipment is there. Water you can get from the pump just outside" she gave me a reassuring pat. "Good luck"

Emarie left and for a couple of minutes I just stood staring at the mess. "Have mercy" I muttered grabbing the rake and starting to muck out the stall.

The End

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