Chapter 5Mature

I was given one more night in the cells due to the absence of the royals sorcerer. I needed my bonds of servitude and that sort of magic was beyond many. I only dabbled with runes myself due to my mother being mortal and my father being a sorcerer I was a half-breed. 

I didn't sleep having trained myself to be able to go days without food, water or sleep. Instead I crouched in the corner of the cell my hood shadowing my face as I waited. It was very early morning when I saw the prison guard scramble to his feet as a man strode in. He was cloaked head to foot in a deep blue material. "Where is she?" an eerie voice whispered from beneath the hood.

The mortal stiffened and pointed towards my cell. Mortals still lacked trust in sorcerers even though the purge had ended with the crowning of the current King. "Her weapons are bound with magic also" the guard told the sorcerer.

"Burn them" the sorcerer stated simply and moved to my cell. His movement was so graceful he seemed like he was walking on air. He looked at me. I could feel his eyes pierce out at me from behind the shadows his hood created over his face. I lifted my chin and looked back. He saw my silver eyes and chuckled. It rattled my bones and made me shrink back.

Trust the King to keep one of the eight mages in his company, I thought angrily in my mind. There was no chance for escape now. I could chance it with a sorcerer but one of the eight.... that was like putting a mouse against a tiger in a fight.

"Open the cell" the mage said shuffling back his sleeves revealing the pulsing runes on his skin. 


"Open the cell, you imbecile!" snapped the mage fire flicking out from beneath his robe and from his finger tips. The prison guard rushed over fumbling with his keys to find the right one. Tension built in the air as everything was silent apart from the jangle of keys and the harsh breathing of the guard.

He picked a key and tried to shove it into the slot.... it didn't fit. Quickly giving a glance to the mage he tried another. It rattled around for a moment before the bolt slid back. The mage hit the guard aside obviously having grown impatient. I rose and faced the mage as he swept into the cell.

He raised his hands and put his palms facing the other with about a thirty centimeter gap. Slowly the runes on the knuckles of his hands started to glow. "A servitude under the Prince Nicolas" the mage chuckled. "How oh how, half child, did you get yourself in this situation? Hmm?"

I chose not to answer him watching the creation of two metal bracelets between his hands. It started of slowly a flicker of melted steel fizzled into the air before swirling round and round like a snake trying to catch its tail. When it did the space between the mages hands flashed leaving two steel bracelets that suddenly flew across the room at me.

I rose my arms in front of my face but that wasn't what I should have been defending. The bracelets snapped round my wrists the hot metal burning my skin. I cried out in pain and the mage chuckled again in this sickening way. He twirled his fingers around in the air seeming to write something. My eyes went quickly to the bracelets watching the runes suddenly appear on them as the mage drew them in the air.

Then it stopped. As fast as it had begun it ended. My wrists were burnt and now weighed down by the horrid steel of my servitude. "Follow me" the mage instructed striding out of the cell. Hesitantly I followed him.

"M-Mage" the prison guard protested. 

"I will take her to the servant quarters. They will show her what to do" the mage snapped at the guard who shrunk back. The mage tugged the sleeves of his robe back over his arm and waved me to follow again as he began to move.

I shot a look at the guard who shrunk back even now at my presence. I wanted to smirk but this wasn't the time. "What now?" I asked the mage as we headed up the cold cobbled steps.

"You are to serve" the mage said stopping at the door. "It is a huge waste of your talents but never the less"

I clenched my fists and the mage merely turned his back and pushed open the door. We came out into a courtyard which we moved across. I first assumed we were heading for the main large doors but the mage quickly turned and headed round the castle. Of course. I was merely a servant now so the servant entrance I will take.

Once we got into the castle, by the tiny back door, the mage took me to the kitchen. It bustled with cooks and maids that raced around. They all stopped at the sight of the mage who seemed to be looking for someone. He quickly found them. "Emarie, here" the mage said.  No please or kindness in his voice. 

Once the mage had called someone everyone else rushed back to work as a maid a few years older than me inched through the crowd over. "Yes, mage?"

The mage shoved me forward. "This is the new servitude girl. Dress her right and put her to work" he snapped as my back hurt a bit from the rough shove.

"Yes, mage" this Emarie rushed out but the mage had already turned on his heels and strode out. Emarie turned to me her eyes running down and up over my dark clothes. "So you are the assassin?" 

Her voice was without fear and took me back a second. "Yes" I basically reply. 

Emarie hummed. "I'm Emarie" she held out her hand.

I looked at it then her seeing her waiting. Slowly I took hold of her hand and shook it. "Alaya" I told her.

"Nice to meet you. Now, lets go get you washed and..... dressed properly" she said keeping hold of my hand and pulling me off.

The End

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