Prince Nicolas Beaudont

The wind was making the grass look like the ocean within the field where I stood and the colourful flowers like tiny fish moving between the blades of grass. That’s when I see something in the distance, a glimmer of silver maybe? It flashes again. I walk towards it feeling its pull, the silver changes forming into a shape and never standing still. My feet move faster wanting to see the silver light which is still changing before my bewildered eyes.



“Nicolas.” I woke hearing my name and saw Primrose standing at my door, clutching her nightgown and her golden curled hair free from pins. “You asked me to come tonight.”

I nodded. “Primrose come to me.”

“Yes sire.”


We lay together the moonlight pouring through the open window, I thought of my dream before Primrose came and felt confused by it. What was I chasing? Something silver but what was it? I got up walking to my window. “You can leave now.”

“Sire I-

“Leave.” I heard Primrose quickly dress and quietly close my door. Then I was left alone with my thoughts. Annoyed at the Lord Knight interrupting my card game and shocked by that girl in the cell. I will have to watch that one carefully, her broadness caught my attention and those eyes held interest. I smiled darkly remembering her reaction to her punishment. Yes this will teach her manners about respect.

The End

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