Chapter 3Mature

Alaya 'Whisper' Joan

I knew my time would come. My time when metal was clamped around my wrists and I was dragged to the castle dungeon the word murder whispering all around me. I had been caught and chained down. You should never chain down the wind and the wind was my guardian. All half sorcerers and sorcerers had a guardian.

It was cause the wind being my guardian that I had got my nickname Whisper. That didn't matter though. I struggled against the guards as I was dragged to my cell. My movement wasn't free though. Not with the metal around my ankles and wrists. With a shove I tumbled into my cell but even with the binds I was back to my feet in a second watching the guard from the shadows of my hood.

He looked back for a moment then shivered striding off. "That one gives me the creeps" he grunts as he sat with his companion. 

"Don't look at her then" the other replied which is when his eyes glanced at me. 

"You can't stop looking at her either so don't tell me!" the man said back.

"Well, I've got to head home" the other replied standing the movement causing a jangle from his armor. "Just... ignore her alright?"

The second guard left leaving me alone in a row of empty cells with this one guard. He swallowed and stood up going to the table where they had dumped my equipment. "I wouldn't touch that" I warned him as I saw his grubby fingers reach out towards my bow. He looked at me then scowled turned back and grabbing my bow.

He cried out as the runes lit up and burned his skin making me smirk. He turned on me and stormed over about to unlock the gate. As he saw me prepare myself though he hesitated and strapped the keys back to his belt. "You're going to be getting the noose" he smirked and went back to his place. 

It was then another man came in. A more noble looking man. I took up a perch in the corner of my cells and kept my head low thinking about where I had gone wrong. Not being too wary of clients I guess. Not worrying they were to betray me or lie.

“Stand.” A voice suddenly snapped at me. “I ordered you to stand, do as I say now.”

"Of course he has no manners" I whispered under my breath to myself.

“What did you say?” the man asked again.

I looked up a scowl setting on my face that he could just see. “Did your mother not tech you manners?”

He seemed shocked his eyes going to mine instantly. Of course. They were my most shocking feature. Silver like the moon or a steel sword. Then his eyes traveled down me so after a moment I allowed mine to do the same before I rested back on my heels.

“You have a smart mouth.” I looked back to my feet and resumed my wait. "What proof do you have she committed the crime?"

"A client of hers confessed and also gave us the contract. Sir.... this is the Whisper"


"A well known assassin"

The noble hummed to himself and I glanced up from under my hood. He couldn't see me look but I did my eyes running over him.

"Isn't she due for the noose, sire?"

"No" it was a quick snap reply that made everyone go into shock even me. I raised my head and looked up at him. He was watching me with a curiousness to his eye. "Do you fear death, Whisper?"

I rose my chains jangling as I approached him at the cell door. "No" I replied looking directly into his eyes. He look back with interest.

"She will be put into servitude" the noble announced moving to leave the cells.

"But, sire, she is an assassin!"

"Then fetch the court mage to bind her to servitude"

"No!" I snapped grabbing hold of the bars of my cell tight. "I will not serve the pompous royal family"

"Yes, you will. You will serve in my company" he said his eyes running over me then back up to my face. "Giving you death when you don't fear it would be pointless"

I grit my teeth and kicked the bars of the cells once the noble had left. Servitude! Of all the rotten sentences I could have been given that is the one I never would have wanted.

The End

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