Prince Nicolas Beaudont

“You’re bluffing.” Remarked Bernard taking his cigar to his mouth, the smoke wafting around his greying mustache, I smirked raising my eyebrow almost daring him to second guess me.

“Are you willing to take that chance?” I took a sip of my drink, the slight burn and heat of the drink was satisfying.

“Question is my prince are you?”

“You know Bernard I always take risks.” I said moving more gold into the middle of the pile. “Let me see your cards.”

Bernard looked at his cards slowly putting each on the table and never broke eye contact with me. “Three of a kind.”

“That’s good however not good enough.” Just as I picked up my folded cards the door slammed open and the Lord Knight came strolling in. “Can’t you see we’re in the middle of a game.”

Lord Knight barely smiled coming over to the table. “You have responsibilities to carry out.”

“They can wait I’m busy.” The cards were in my hand ready to show Bernard who was waiting. “Now where were we?” Lord Knight however had other plans, grabbing the card and throwing them into the fire.

I stood up the chair falling be hide me and I glared at him. “You bas-

“Get to prison and follow my orders Nicolas.” He glared in return his voice full of command.

“Very well.” I turned my back on him opening the door. “Goodnight brother.”

Markus was the prison guard and informed me on today new residents, of course they wouldn’t be stopping long nor would they be home either. “But we are concerned about the prisoner that has just come.”

“Concerned what do you mean? Could you not handle him?” They were unless sometimes, I scanned the paperwork and pretended to listen to his tale of some person who they believed killed a man named Cornelius.

“So did they kill him or not that’s all I care about.” I cut him off growing impatient; I was still annoyed by what happened.

“We don’t know I was not sure but it’s likely-

“Stop I will find out for myself.” I left Markus hearing him shout it was the end cell and made my way down there. A figure was crouched in the corner, dark clothing and I instantly felt drawn towards them.

“Stand.” I ordered wanting to see them. “I ordered you to stand, do as I say now.” I waited but they did nothing then I heard a whispered of their voice. “What did you say?”

Slowly they told up. “Did your mother not tech you manners?” It was a girl! I stepped closer keeping my mask of shock hidden from her. I was drawn to her sliver eyes and glaze over her fine body. I notice her eyes drop and looked over my appearance then she stepped back.

“You have a smart mouth.”

The End

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